List of horror films based on real events

Not surprisingly, often ghosts, aliens and even maniacs become a theme of films. People have always been drawn to the fact that frightens and repels. I bring to your attention the list of films, which included a history of the genre horror, based on real events.

1. The girl in front
2. Pitfall
3. Zodiac
4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
6. Strangers
7. The Haunting in Connecticut
8. Phantom of the Red River
9. Horror Amitivilya
10. They
11. Obsessed
12. Evilenko
13. Manhunter
14. Cannibal of Rothenburg
15. The Boston Strangler
16. Wasteland
17. The Alphabet Killer
18. Citizen X
19. Bone Collector
20. The gravedigger Geysi
21. Disappeared
22. Memories of Murder
23. Over the edge of fear
24. Vice
25. An American Crime
26. Candy
27. Desert
28. Cannibal
29. Night skies
30. Ball of Satan
31. Night Hunter
32. Tunnels death
33. Ghost in the Bell family home
34. Dark Water
35. Silent House

Fans of the genre, I'm sure will be plenty to choose from


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