Liver: when the shield is in need of protection

There is a common misconception that the diseased liver is seen only in those who abuse alcohol. In fact, it is not. From fatty liver suffers 30% of the population in developed countries.

Much of this is due to the sad statistics of the realities and peculiarities of the structure of the liver. The main task of this body is to clean the blood from a variety of harmful substances entering the body. Some of them come with food, because most of today's foods contain various preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, and other unsafe for health. We get toxins from the air and water, which often fails due treatment. Overloaded liver is also due to the widespread use of drugs by means of which modern people used to resort at the slightest indisposition. Negative impact and stress, which have become an integral part of modern life, as well as a total fascination with strict diets which affect the entire body, including the liver, the nutrients necessary for normal functioning.

In addition, this important organ of the human body has no nerve endings, so the liver is deprived of the possibility to submit pain signals. In addition, it has a high degree of endurance, and even being heavily damaged, continues to do its job. Therefore, a physician, patients often fall when the liver and many of its related bodies have already suffered serious damage.

Of course, in order to support your liver must adhere to the rules of healthy eating and reasonably relate to the use of alcohol. However, such measures may not be enough — in the modern conditions of life to our biological shield often requires additional protection. Ensure that it can hepatoprotectors — special preparations that support liver health and help her recover from the damage. Complex hepatoprotectors provide multi-layered protection of the liver from the damaging factors.

One such drug is hepatic Progepar.

The preparation contains natural ingredients needed to restore and protect the liver: liver extract of young bulls, cysteine, choline and myo-inositol. Dried liver extract contains vitamins and minerals (calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron). The amino acid cysteine helps to neutralize toxins, protects liver cells from the damaging effects of tobacco and alcohol, has a powerful antioxidant effect. Choline improves transport and lipid metabolism in the liver is involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, so as to affect insulin levels. Mioinizitol help stabilize cell membranes.

Progepar provides comprehensive positive impact on liver. It protects cells against toxic substances, helps normalize lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, supports the stabilization of cell membranes and stimulates tissue regeneration. In general, ensuring the normal operation of the liver, he gives her the opportunity to replace the affected cells to healthy ones.

The drug used in the treatment of toxic and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, as a supporting agent for the treatment of radiotherapy and drugs have a negative effect on the liver. In treatment of liver diseases preparation take one to two tablets three times a day. The course of treatment is determined by your doctor.


There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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