LLC Inter-Regional Centre for Labour Examination provides discounts

Company "Interregional Center of labor" Expertise ", offering their services for job evaluation, with February 2013 in the assessment gives customers a discount of 10% of the order value. Certification of jobs performed by the company due to Article 212 of TC of the Russian Federation, which requires each manager to constantly monitor the conditions under which employees are companies or firms.
Company "Interregional Center of labor" Expertise "in operation since 2009, is accredited by the GOST R system, Saal, SSOT and entered in the register of organizations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Russia as a certification organizations with the right to conduct the certification jobs. Activities on job evaluation places conditions allow secure working environment, reduce the number of injuries and thus increase productivity. Evaluation of jobs helps to correct deficiencies and make working conditions more comfortable.
The company employs highly qualified and experienced specialists who are familiar with all the requirements of the law on labor protection. The experts of our center, specially trained and have the appropriate permits to work in the field, quickly and give an objective assessment of the employment and working conditions of employees. All measurements are made on the basis of the test laboratory, which has in the instrument park more than 150 units of measuring instruments and auxiliary expensive advanced equipment, which in contrast to the instrument park our competitors are included in the State Register of measuring instruments and pass annual state verification, resulting meet all metrological characteristics of regulations for measuring the Order of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation of 09.09.2011 № 1034n "On approval of the list of measurements within the scope of government regulation and maintenance of unity of measurements made during the work to ensure the safety and protection of labor, including hazardous production facilities and mandatory metrological requirements for them, including indicators of accuracy. "All of this allows us to measure harmful factors with high metrological precision!
According to the results of certification issued by reporting materials. This conclusion allows the customer to receive additional payments for harm, to justify actually issued benefits and compensation, to justify the frequency of passage of the mandatory medical examinations at the company.
Following the appraisal of jobs your organization can apply for the provision of the Social Insurance premium discounts up to 40%.
Certification of workplaces gives workers confidence in the safety, facilitates working conditions, allows to obtain compensation: the introduction of additional breaks, getting preventive nutrition, and rising wages. For employers, it will help to avoid civil and criminal liability, significantly reduce the amount of fines, the results of inspections of regulatory authorities.
"Company" MTSOT "Examination" provides services at reduced rates. We often offer customers discounts on the cost of the order. Documents obtained from the evaluation are warranted for a period of 5 years ", — said General Director of" MTSOT "Expertise" Alimov Julia Kasimovna.
Information about the company:
LLC "Inter-Regional Centre for Labour" Expertise "provides services for job evaluation work companies in accordance with Article 212 of TC of the Russian Federation. Assessment of jobs helps employers to correct deficiencies and make the working conditions of employees more comfortable. More about the company can be found at

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