Lockheed Martin demonstrates a new laser, designed for combat use

Lockheed Martin demonstrates a new laser, designed for combat use
Popular South American defense company Lockheed Martin held a successful demonstration of the latest 30-kilowatt fiber optic laser system on the basis of which to create future combat laser systems. This is one of the most massive lasers today and it is a huge step towards the emergence of laser systems and other high-energy radiation in the fields of combat.

New laser beam gets Lockheed Martin, 30 kW, adding rays numerous small fiber lasers. With all this, the wavelengths of light emitted by small lasers are slightly different from each other. This leads to the fact that the beam has a finite range, approaching the range of the white light, which leads to its high efficiency, a great amount of energy transferred and complicates establishment of protection against radiation such lasers. Apart from this, the new laser is effective and Lockheed Martin with an electronic point of view, for the creation of the beam it consumes 50 percent less than the electron energy than the energy required solid-state lasers of similar power.

Currently, experts at the company Lockheed Martin, together with experts of Aculight, working on a similar laser system, the capacity of which will be for 60 kW. And in the future there is a creation of the compact version of the combat fiber optic laser, whose power is equal to 100 kW, which is enough for the guaranteed destruction of low-flying high goals, such as rockets, artillery shells, mortar bombs and drones.

Wide range of new laser beam must ensure the highest beam quality when used at great distances. And the energy efficiency of the laser causes the reduced requirements for power supplies and cooling systems that will allow use of fiber lasers on planes, helicopters, ships and land vehicles.

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