Locusts in Bashkiria. Video



21.06.12.V a district of Bashkortostan introduced a state of emergency.

Due to the massive invasion of locusts and caterpillars webworm for sowing enhanced pest in Chekmagushevskom area.

This is the first in the north-western region of Bashkortostan. Prior to this pest was found only in the south, where they came from Orenburg and Kazakh steppes.

Emergency mode operates Chekmagushevskom near the third day. The real trouble for farmland was locusts and caterpillars webworm. Landowners have counted loss. About 10% of the farmland area damaged. Fortunately, thanks to early detection, the field had time to process chemicals and active move locust was stopped.

More than any other pest-affected crops such as buckwheat, wheat, sugar beet, maize and beans. Shoots almost destroyed at the root.

Recall that on May 31 operates in emergency mode Kugarchinskogo, Meleuz and Gafuriysky areas.

In Chekmagushevskom district has been handling chemicals in the area of about three thousand hectares. Another 15 hectares will be processed shortly.
Julia Nigmatullina

Source: STRC "Bashkortostan"

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