Lokon volcano eruption continues

After several days of increasing activity, Lokon volcano eruption continued, one of which is fixed April 24, 2012. The distance by which the lava was thrown up, is not known as clouds prevented the capture accurate data.

The National Agency for Disaster Reduction said that approximate radius of the danger zone from the top of the volcano can be considered as 2.5 kilometers, so the residents of the surrounding areas should remain vigilant. Tomohon residents in the north of the island of Sulawesi, warned mandatory evacuation is April 23, after the activity of the volcano has increased once again. Centre of Volcanology and prevention of geological hazards advised not to trust the words of the local authorities and to remain calm, as the threat of a powerful eruption yet.

April 24, 2012 white plumes of smoke rose over a distance of 25-30 meters above the crater Tompaluan between peaks and Lock Empung. This was followed by the eruption of a loud noise. The next day, April 25 the smoke reached 50-100 meters. Anxiety remains at level 3 on a scale of 1 to 4.

Curl on the outskirts of Tomohon, and is 20 kilometers from Manado. The danger is that the eruptions are accompanied by emissions of lapilli (small pieces of lava) and ash (thick pyroclastic flows observed, not always). Major eruption may follow after such releases. But when it does neither the government nor volcanologists predict not taken.

The last major eruption took place on 14 June 2011. For two days, the volcano threw ash and igneous rocks to a distance of 1500 and 600 meters up from the crater. Two people died in the eruption.

Photos: Lavoz

Source: ecowars.tv.

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