London snowed

About a third of all flights scheduled for today from the main UK airport "Heathrow" canceled due to the first heavy snowfall of the winter in the UK, the company said, the airport operator BAA.

Among the flights canceled on Sunday — Departure from London to other cities in the UK, the countries of North, Central and Southern Europe, the U.S. and Russia. In particular, canceled the morning flight of British Airways BA872 (together with the Russian S7) in Moscow and the flight of "Aeroflot" SU243 from Moscow to London. The rest of Sunday flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg until the number of both scheduled to perform on schedule.

With this guide, "Heathrow" encourages passengers to check the status of each particular flight and the possibility of rebooking for another time directly from the airlines.

This year's first large-scale nationwide snowfall threatens to seriously disrupt road, rail and air links to the UK. The UK Met Office has issued more than a decade before the warnings of heavy snowfall in all major areas of England, Wales, the east and the south of Scotland. Snow has fallen in many parts of the country, including London, on Sunday night, expect new snowfall.

In recent days, the United Kingdom, as well as other European countries, a wave of cold "arctic" weather on the night of Saturday, the temperature in parts of central England dropped below 10 degrees. Road service call car drivers to be extremely careful on snowy and icy roads.

Over the weekend, in light of the weather conditions canceled football matches and horse races in a number of UK cities. It is expected that the warming will only come by Monday.

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