Ltd. Aerokon develops two types of internal combustion engines for UAVs

Moscow. May 21.

Kazan Ltd. "Aerokon" develops two types of internal combustion engines (ICE) for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), said "AviaPort" an informed source in the military-industrial complex.

According to him, the development of the company are two samples of the specialty engines for drones. Developed in parallel two-stroke engine and four-stroke, they both have a capacity of about 8 hp


Two-stroke engine is more lightweight, simple, cheap, compared with a four-engine, but has a lower fuel economy. This engine is designed for UAVs with limited duration of the flight. "Four-stroke internal combustion engine designed for UAV with long-endurance", — added the source.

According to him, "Aerokon" plans to create a line of aircraft engines for UAVs ranging from 3 HP to several tens ps Flight tests of the engine can start as early as June or July this year. At the end of the summer to be completed flight testing of both types of internal combustion engines, and they will be put into mass production.

Today in the production line, LLC "Aerokon 'core is a set of UAV" Frontier-20 ", which reached a duration of 10.5 hours. "Replacing the Czech two-stroke engine engine of its own design will increase the duration of the flight is about 1.5 times, and the installation of four-stroke engine — about twice, that is, respectively, to 15 and 20 hours," — says the source.

According to him, the new engine was originally designed for UAVs such as "Frontier-20", and in the future they will be installed on UAVs and new development.

The lack of domestic engines of low power systems for unmanned aerial vehicles with Russian forces developers to use the UAV systems with foreign products or to create their own counterparts. It is known that on such projects actively and fruitfully work Ltd. "Istra Experimental Mechanical Plant", TsAGI and a number of other businesses.

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