Ltd. Alcaeus — the company to develop and manufacture cases and coffers.

Ltd. "Alcaeus" — privately owned company operating in the market since 1998.


Now, except for the manufacture of furniture and joinery company has mastered a new activity — production of cases for German models for different purposes (for medicine, fishermen, barbers, under a variety of tools and equipment).


On demand, the production of case studies of various colors and sizes.


 The main components in the manufacture of cases:


1. Plastic
2. Plywood
3. Aluminum Profile
4. Accessories imported


 All of this allows us to give the product reliability, ease, elegance destination. Modern life and professional activity is inconceivable without the use of sophisticated and high-tech machinery and equipment. Although the manufacturers of such equipment are constantly working to improve the reliability and availability of their products, they need to their caring attitude during use and transportation. Transportation and storage of complex equipment, valuables and documents troublesome in which no detail. Remember how many times have you had to repair, and then throw away your tools and equipment, injured while traveling.



Cases of special purpose will solve this problem once and for all. These products are designed and manufactured in order to protect your equipment from moisture, dust, shock, vibration, temperature and pressure changes.


Cases Special Purpose ideal for transporting equipment in the following areas:

electronics, chemicals and petroleum, medical, fire services, military and government organizations, leisure, sports facilities, etc.


Wherever required dry, reliable and high-quality transport.


  Shock resistance


Cases are equipped with multi-layer polyurethane inserts. The special perforation allows you to easily create a niche for placing any equipment configuration, thereby providing it with additional protection. Cases of special purpose withstand the load of a few hundred pounds.


  Seal and Dust


Sealing and dustproof cases achieved a special form of mating parts.

Electronics manufacturers operating in the field may be used as a sealed enclosure case for his product by mounting blocks on special built-in panel.




Locking mechanisms are opened on a "push and pull", which eliminates the risk of inadvertent opening of the case. Lock Connection "case-base" prevents shifting of the cover and reinforces the suitcase closed. Cases are subject to rigorous controls at all stages of production.


  A wide range of


The model number of proposed cases is very diverse. Not only offers a wide selection of sizes, but the colors. Case of special purpose will be your constant companion. Oh it does not have to worry, he will take care of your things.


Today it is possible to buy them in the Altai region!

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