Ltd. Elektroremont completes the modernization program

UrBK, Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region), 21.03.2011. Ltd. "Elektroremont" (subsidiary of JSC "MMK") completes the implementation of the investment project to install new equipment.

"The need for the delivery of new equipment due to, first of all, the implementation of investment program of OAO" MMK ". In recent years, the plant was put into operation several large-scale modern production facilities: the latest profile rolling, coating line, mill 5000, CCM-6 etc. With the launch of their greatly increased the number of cars imported to the repair require the use of new technologies ", — noted in the company.

According to the chief electric repair shop, LLC "Elektroremont" Alexander Garifulina, current trends in the global electrical engineering suggest a change of dc machines, material-and energy-consuming, expensive to repair and difficult to maintain, to the cars AC frequency control. On MMK similar machines with AC drives are already in the electric, varietal shops, LPC-5, the mill 5000, new machine for cutting PRM-4. They will be applied to the cold-rolling mill in 2000 to PRM-11. They all require different approaches to repair.

Therefore, together with managers and specialists CMI has developed a program of modernization electric repair shop. In March last year, "Elektroremont" investment program electric repair shop signed a contract with the American company CAM Innovation for the supply and installation of furnace annealing vacuum pressure impregnation. The cost of equipment under the contract amounted to about $ 500,000, and the total cost of the project, including construction works amounted to approximately $ 700,000. The project took place with the financial support of JSC "MMK".

"Vacuum pressure impregnation system is the American firm CAM Innovation has entered the system. Such a system — so far the only one in the country, and "Elektroremont" — the first company in Russia, where they began to apply this unique equipment. The unit, which guarantees excellence of impregnation, more environmentally friendly and fully automated. The system allows you to extend the life of the modern electric cars in harsh industrial environments. Thanks to its start-up specialists of "Elektroremont" has managed to restore the factory settings of engines and major components of long fifth plate rolling shops — unique machines with capacity 780 and 500 kilowatts, "- said the CMI.

As part of the further implementation of the project is an installation of a gas furnace annealing made the British Rotary Engineering UK Ltd, which also will soon become operational. "The new oven without air will open repair cycle of electrical machines. It will save electrical properties of iron upon annealing, which will be managed and controlled, and will go in a given state at a temperature of 400 degrees. This is especially important for sensitive chastotoreguliruemyh AC machines. Thus, the new impregnation system and furnace annealing in the complex will effectively solve the problem of restoration of electrical machines, automate processes, improve quality, increase turnaround time considerably engines ", — concluded the enterprise.

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