Ltd. MSZ-2 (Astrakhan) successfully executes orders Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, obsessed with the development of the fishing industry, for the development of bio-resources of the Ural-Caspian basin required vessels and crafts for various purposes. Because of the lack of its own production base in Atyrau ordering was produced in Astrakhan.

In the past year, Ltd. "Marine Shipyard — 2" has successfully completed a contract for the construction of a series of tugs and Rybnita sea and river types for the Kazakh company "Zhaiyk-Balik." This allowed the Astrakhan shipbuilders to get new orders. Atyrau partners committed Astrakhan shipbuilders to build for them a few units of the fishing fleet and service facilities and 150 Boat budarok.

Prepare to head to Kazakhstan two tap, two nevodnika, five pontoons capacity of twenty and forty tons, a series of slots for the transport of live fish, as well as dozens of plastic budarok.

In accordance with the contract for the final stage are priemotransportnogo work on the construction of the vessel such as "Column", under construction marine fuel station (SES) designed to serve budarochnoy flotilla. Completion date is scheduled for August ISM this year. The project documentation for the construction of these facilities was also completed Astrakhan specialists.

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