Ltd. Nanomet — producer of nanomaterials

Moscow company "Nanomet"Produces metal nanoparticles. They are added to other materials, and from the resulting compounds make durable products with unique properties. Very different — from socks to paint. The company, which has recently entered the break-even point, already has plans to create an open process of intersectoral partnerships.

Socks, by the way, was the first product released with the addition of silver particles produced "nanometers." "The order for them came from the Ministry of Defense, just as the department was headed by Serdyukov, — Says development director Nikolai Darin. — The product is not allowed in the series, although it was amazing legs in those socks do not sweat. After all, hunting, fishing, or in the war to drag a removable laundry bag for an uncomfortable and wash in cold creek have neither the time nor the inclination ".

 But first, of course, was a revelation. The method of biochemical synthesis of metal nanoparticles was opened in 1998 by Elena Egorova, research fellow of the Institute of Electrochemistry. Frumkin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Today, she is the head of the laboratory, LLC "Nanomet." However, the company was established only in 2007. Prior to that, Egorova also tried to introduce his discovery. But as long as it is not interested in the development of the representatives of a big developer (creator LLC, its name in the "nanometric" do not disclose) to monetize the technology failed.

"Founder" nanometric "in 2007, decided to diversify its business, — Says Darin. — His money was renovated and equipped laboratory at the Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology. In general, initial investments amounted to about $ 3 million. Initially, the company had three directions — ours, the use of nanoparticles in combination with metals, cosmetic and 3D-modeling of cities. Then came the crisis of 2008 and investor said, everything I do in this relationship have not, I have to save their core business. "

Investments are gone, but the laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment remained. Remained in the company and employees who have finalized the method of synthesis of nanoparticles. And six months ago, in 2012, the company became profitable. However, the margin is still small and almost completely embedded in the business.

Further development of the method nanosinteza opened Egorova, does not stop now. Specifically, on the basis thereof are new technologies, new combinations of metals with other materials. "Just yesterday, we completed the procedure of introducing nanoparticles into the rubber cover,
— Says Darin. — At the very least, have realized that it is possible. And along with packaging companies, "Alcor-plastic" and "Profupak" We are launching mass production of packages containing silver nanoparticles in which meat or fish can be kept out of the refrigerator almost months. Already have experienced issues and laboratory confirmation of a biocidal effect (Destruction of bacteria.. — Ed.) These materials ".

Today, it produces solutions with nanoparticles of six metals — gold, silver, copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel. For each technology — not only a metal but also its particle concentration. All designed "nanometric" technology half the price and twice as good analogues in the world, says Darin. "We are studying similar information 15 global companies, — He explains. — And the quality of the nearest analogue of our concentrate nanoparticles is 380 euros for 20 ml. And our 20 ml cost 2 euro — despite the fact that the concentration of silver nanoparticles in our solution is five times higher. "

Now the development of the internal coating for refrigerators — in "nanometers" is confident that the nanoparticles displace the ions out of the industry.

"That's all, Bosch refrigerators inside their covers with a solution of silver ions, — Explains chemical engineer Ilya Sosnin. — Silver ion — silver atom is devoid of a single electron. A nanoparticle — several thousand atoms, the compound is an order of magnitude more active. With the ion is easier to work — it can be "packaged" into a polymer. But as the ion is quite small — atomic size — he's from this polymer escapes quickly: after six months the effect ionosoderzhaschih coating disappears completely. A nanoparticle is rigidly fixed in a polymer matrix and there is much longer. The main thing is that the particle was not within the polymer, and on the surface — this is what we are making now ».

But the main things which is working laboratory "nanometers" — improving the technology of biocidal paints. Now the implementation of this project Nanotechnology deals with Tolyatti company "factory paint." Since January, the serial production.

"If the paint to paint the wall, the wall will not be mold, and dust that settles on it will not be a nutrient medium for bacterial growth, — Enthusiastically says Director of Development. — Plus, there are a number of these nanoparticles ionize the air ". The main buyers of such paints — hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities: there are now government standard repaint the walls every year. "In the hospital paint biocide is added to 10 rubles, — Says Darin. — Over the years this stuff will evaporate completely. Our biocide — silver nanoparticles — is from 20 to 50 rubles. This wall will not need constant disinfection and re-paint it will have only five years ". Many large manufacturers for this reason rejected Nano additives. According Daryina, he frankly admitted that they do not want to lower sales volumes. And in "nanometric" no illusions that other entrepreneurs and the more officials will be as progressive as Togliatti businessmen.

"This technology is not just for hospitals, — Says Ilya. — We are working with nanoparticles of cobalt, which make the paint Ultra long and sverhbystrosohnuschey. She has all the pipes can be painted, all rail cars, all bridge supports. But if officials will begin to apply the paint — how to budget money and then learn that nag? After all painted for five years — and until the paint will not give money ".

However nanotechnology not only continue to work in Russia, but also in talks about creating innovative manufacturing business combinations — in Togliatti, where we recall that already produced "nanokraski." It is planned that open technology partnership "Matter" — this is the working title of a new non-profit entity — will be a union of producers of the new generation, engineering and scientific companies united infrastructure, exchanging experiences and technologies. Interest in the project has already demonstrated technology park "Zhigulevskaya Valley" E bank, Togliatti State University, the city Chamber of Commerce and a number of other urban enterprises and institutions.

"We are already in the future, where that for 2020, — Answers to questions Nikolai Darin, why their company to create a non-profit association and is not it better to focus on the sale of already existing technologies. — There, for 2020, comes the sixth technological order. This postelektronny way, while nanotechnology, a time when humanity will reach the ability to manipulate matter at the atomic level. And we understand that we have now does not make sense to produce, say, their paint. This will distract us from that fundamental base, the creation of which we are now engaged. Framework that will allow to exist normally in the "nanobuduschem '".

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