Ltd. Resonance, a new way of induction heating


The figure shows the reactor with magnets, which is placed in the heated part.
To date, the efficiency of induction heaters ferrous metals does not exceed 45%. Around the world are searching scientific research to develop new technologies of induction heating. Collective LLC "Resonance", a new way of induction heating, which allows heating non-ferrous metals with an efficiency of not less than 90%.

The process is a room in a rotating magnetic field of the permanent magnet conductive material. As a result of the loss on heating of metals occur only in the electric and mechanical losses in the permanent magnets around the workpiece. While in the conventional heating method, most energy is dissipated in the inductor in the form of thermal power withdrawn from hollow tubes inductor coolant.

A patent search showed the world novelty of the developed method of heating.

Currently conducted research and development work of pilot test sample at the Irkutsk cable plant.

The result of the project is serving the industrial technology that can be applied in a wide range of capacities and sizes of heated boot.


Ltd. "Resonance" is the first in the Krasnoyarsk region of the innovation center "Skolkovo".

The company located in "the Krasnoyarsk city of innovation and technology business incubator" ANO "KGITBI" since January 2010.

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