Lukashenko allowed the government to go for the presidency

The Belarusian leader believes deserved criticism, which he gave to the government and sees no obstacles to any member of his government was running for president.

"Today they say that the government crackdown, the government resigned, and that all who are in the government, will go to the president. As for presidency — welcome. Any citizen of Belarus, a member of the government, can go to collect signatures and run for president. No one no one forbids, that's the time when you can do it openly, "- the words of A. Lukashenko

If this government will prove its ability, let him work even before his death. Not until retirement, and to death.


Thus head of state said that criticizing the government, it is not going "to anyone flatter, neither the government nor to the security forces." "I have to carry out its mandate, not PR and gloss over any problems, including before the election. Before the election, it is necessary to strain and run even faster than yesterday, "- said the president of Belarus.

On He said, "I hear even when the government proves its ability, let them work at least until death. Not until retirement, and to death."

But, said to him, "the desired result. Will not be the result, I do not need such a government." "You do not have to see this, I want to absolve themselves of responsibility, why criticize the government. Ever since I did not remove any responsibility," — said the head of state. "In all that is wrong in the country, I am guilty, I do not set goals to absolve themselves of responsibility. I am responsible for everything, the people

If, after the election the people I will leave the president, then I'll … forcing people to do what is necessary.

Now I have to ask. Well, if after the election people will leave me president, and I want this, then I will not ask, and with members of the government, and to force people to do what you need, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.

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