Lukashenko spoke about the privatization of land

Lukashenko offered to give the land to private owners for the development of collective farms.

In Belarus the possible privatization of agricultural land. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko, August 31 by visiting the farm Michael Shrub Zhitkovichi region in the Gomel region:

"If we go to the privatization of land, maybe something with him, Michael Bolt, and begin."

"Let while on an experimental level. Should give the land to those who earned it by their work on it," — the words quoted Lukashenko's press service Head of State.

The Head of State noted that the large collective farms for various reasons earth sometimes used inefficiently. Lukashenko offered to give the land to private owners for farm development in Belarus.

"Let them do them althought just produce and sell products: here's a lake, here's 100 hectares, "- said Lukashenko, noting that several people have already expressed such a desire.

Total January 1, 2010 in Belarus there were 2,045 farms. Of these, 258 (13%) in the Gomel region. On average, for every farm in the country for 61 hectares of land. Farmers in Belarus is predominantly engaged in crop production. The share of households in production of basic agricultural products is about 2%.


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