Lukashenko — this is not the last day, and zavchorashni


Mr."Abnormal, of course. Should be friends, because there is no longer friends with anyone. All anomaly comes from Lukashenko. He is always looking for reasons out there. One should be more loyal to the same Putin, Medvedev. They are still the masters of life. They have terrible natural resources. "

Mr."Tense. The more they run, very difficult to imagine, but not a good situation. There are wine and from Russia, but perhaps more from Belarus. We all remember where we started, so to speak, the career of President Lukashenko — for an alliance with Russia. And what came? . "

Mr."Abnormal, definitely. But with the Union can not decide. Some disagreement on this point. Listen to the other side — they accuse Lukashenko, listen Lukashenko — he accused Medvedev and the government. Do not understand their relationship. "

Mr."Conflict. Now managers have come quite a different kind. That's it. These people think otherwise. Lukashenko — this is not the last day, and zavchorashni. Hence all the problems. These people speak different languages, so do not understand each other. "

Girl"Maybe for them, and they are normal, such a relationship. They are each in themselves slander. Sometimes good, others — not so. "

Reporter"And for that kind of relationship we are ashamed?"

Lukashenko does everything to somehow mitigate the situation, but Medvedev on it is not very.

Girl"It seems a shame. But we are not responsible for them. We can not answer for Lukashenko. He must answer for themselves. "

Mr."As a neighbor, like all neighbors. These are different people, even to the genetic level, my opinion. It's not about what language they speak, and who exactly where he was born, to whom he studied. "

Mr."The conflict, of course. Why? Do not know why. Two of these fellows. Both are probably to blame. "

Youth"Abnormal. Like them, the Russians came to us with the gas — not as a brother. Lukashenko does everything to somehow mitigate the situation, but Medvedev on it is not very. All of this is unpredictable hard. "

Youth"Strange relationship, to be honest. Each other simply do not understand, and that conflict is impossible. Continuously crawls all. That Lukashenko did something, or some kind of Medvedev "neponyatki." I understand that people do not really need it. "


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