Lukashenko: We muddled through

"We have to get out of a situation in which we put Russia at the beginning of this year," — said Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting, which was held at the Mozyr refinery.

Petroleum refining Lukashenko put on a par with the security issues of the country.

"Recycling, supplies for domestic use and export of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons providing our state close to the subject to be or not to be sovereign and independent Belarusian nation. Therefore, it is the most important area of our business, and we honor and dignity, as in agriculture, this situation must find a way out. Or rather — found "- said Lukashenko.

"We are not going to war with Russia in all directions — take it in quotation marks. We do not want any war and complications. But we must proceed from the fact that everywhere has to be an alternative to including and in the supply of hydrocarbons in the country. "

Visiting Oil Refinery, Lukashenko Belarus has confirmed plans for further supplies of oil from Venezuela — in 2011, 9.8 million tons, and in 2012 — up to 10 million tons.

According to the chairman of the concern "Belneftekhim" Valeria Kazakevicha, Belarusian refineries able to process this amount of raw material.

The director of the Mozyr refinery Anatoly Kupriyanov reported that the plant has been reconstructed and modernized, which will increase the refining of oil per year up to 5 million tonnes and more.


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