Magnetic storms in April 2012

To start the good news — the strongest magnetic storms in 2012, we have already experienced. They were in March. On average, 1.3 months, of magnetic storms, and in March 2012 it was already 8. Astronomers say the last 10 years this year, the strongest magnetic storms.

Previous peak of solar activity in the years 2001-2002. According to astronomer Olga Gopasyuk, solar activity is divided into cycles of 11 years, and now lasts 10 th year. So that the peak of activity will be in 2013.

As is known, the cause of magnetic storms — powerful solar flare. Solar flares are almost like nuclear explosions. Charged particles are bombing the Earth at a speed of about 1.2 thousand kilometers per second. And when these particles hit the Earth's magnetic field and magnetic storms occur.

The consequences of a strong magnetic storm are felt for days. According to astrologer Helen Nikolaichuk during magnetic storms is increasing the number of family scandals, divorces, robberies, murders. "We must beware of sites on roads where underground water flows and buildings with dungeons and cellars. They are places of high activity of the magnetic field, "- said the astrologer.
Magnetic storms in April 2012

April 6 is likely a small or moderate magnetic storm. April 7 will also be some geomagnetic disturbances. According to experts, April 8 and 9 Earth's magnetic field will become calmer.

And on April 10-11, maybe even one small geomagnetic disturbance. In late April, the sun is expected serious outbreak of class M7, but it will be short, without release of solar material, will not lead to geomagnetic anomalies.
How to protect health during magnetic storms in April 2012

— To reduce the physical load
— Refrain from alcohol, or at least reduce the amount of,
— You can take an aspirin to thin the blood and removal of unpleasant pain,
— To reduce the irritability can take natural sedatives — valerian, motherwort extract, hawthorn,
— The day of the magnetic storm popostitsya well as increases in blood cholesterol levels,
— Core must comply with a doctor's prescription, and always have the necessary medications on hand.
According to cardiologist Igor Gomonko, magnetic storms are dangerous especially for those with high or low blood pressure, heart disease.

About 70% of heart attacks and strokes occur in the period of the magnetic storms. According to the doctor, you should be more in the open air, to avoid stress and sick — not to interrupt the medication.Source:

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