Malaysia: Flood at high tide

April 12.Some areas Tingey Kota (Kota Tinggi) are often flooded at high tide in the river Sunja Johor (Sungai Johor) and residents are concerned that the situation will deteriorate.

Inefficient drainage system and clogging caused floods at high tide, even when there is no rain. Final checks on the intersection of Jalan Tun Sri Lanang (Jalan Tun Sri Lanang) showed that the water began pouring into the area around 12:30 and the flow of water continued until 3:30 pm, when the tide water from the Sun's Johor fell through the drainage system.

Shazlen Karim said that this situation often occurs during high tide.

"In addition, in a poor state of drainage system, I blame the public who throw garbage everywhere, resulting in runoff become clogged. The authorities should also play its role in supporting the sewers are in place, so that the problem is not repeated. This time, not flooded very much, but what will happen if they go heavy rains. "- Says Shazlen.

He notes that the public should not throw garbage into drains to prevent clogging.

Trader Hashim Masood, urged authorities to act immediately, before the situation deteriorates, as the flood that hit the area a few years ago.

Translation: Astrix
Source: The New Straits Times Press


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