Maria Sharapova: The impression of Belarus overwhelmed and now

This was the former top-ranked Maria Sharapova said on the eve of the U.S. Open US Open-2010, which kicked off in New York City.

With Maria Sharapova, winner of the 2006 US Open-related main hopes of the Russian team in this prestigious championship.

In an interview with "Soviet Sport" Sharapova notes that even after two months after, as she visited the home of the fathers and grandfathers (late June — early July), the Belarusian experience does not leave it and remain very bright:

"An experience to still so overwhelmed that some of them difficult to identify a single … Well, imagine, I was not there very long. Last time went when I was 10-12 years old. And after a time she saw her grandmother again. This, of course, great. I also got to check charitable projects. It is an indescribable feeling: suddenly see how what you thought, successfully implemented in many, many miles away from you. "

In Belarus, a goodwill ambassador of the UN Development Programme Maria Sharapova Financial support medical and educational charity projects.

Through the Belarusian State University and the Academy of Arts Maria donated 210,000 dollars to 12 scholarships to talented students — people from the radiation-contaminated Belarusian settlements.

In the Bragin district of Mary Foundation Sharapova financed the purchase of musical instruments and equipment for four music schools.

In Chechersk in the center of children's creativity by means of open tennis ecological circle with pets, and at the district hospital — are equipped with bathroom psychological rehabilitation titled "Fairy Tale".

Born in Siberia in the family Chernobyl settlers sports star is considered the birthplace of his parents Gomel region of their own home. She is convinced that after the social projects it will spend at home sports projects.



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