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The famous test pilot said that a reason dictates of humanity opening

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Usually stories about flying "saucers" are the lot of eccentric people. But when one speaks of them professionals of aviation and space them a different attitude. Recently, in St. Petersburg, the first printed edition of the book "UFOs over the planet Earth," which was written by renowned test pilot Marina Popovich, the wife of the Soviet cosmonaut Pavel Popovich. For this book she wrote 15 years, the author received an award named after MV Lomonosov. In connection with the publication of an advance copy of the book Marina Popovich gave an interview Strane.Ru.

— Marina Lavrentyevna you have decided to address the topic of extraterrestrial life?

— In the early 60s I used to go to the mountains. Each year, at least half of his 45-day vacation I spent in the various expeditions. And then I was very interested in the topic of Bigfoot ("Bigfoot"). On one of these expeditions I took my daughter. It was she who first and saw a "flying saucer." It was in Borzugskom gorge in Tajikistan, which recently lost a lot of our troopers. Our camp was then located at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. I remember when my daughter cried out, "Look, are you saying something about a snow man, and something hanging over you!". This subject is a little bit away from us, from him was a glowing beam that did not reach the ground. I then noted this oddity: like hovered like a helicopter, but for some reason no hum from the engines do not.

— It hung low over the ground?

— Three hundred meters. Why three? Because near the spot on the hillside was a station that had a mast height of 150 meters. The height of the slope of the mountain (3500 meters) to the end of the mast — 150 meters, and the hanging object exactly twice.

— What was that light?

— The color of light produced is more reminiscent of welding. The sight stunned us — everyone who watched it. We long after sitting around the campfire at night and gasped. Meanwhile, a miracle happened. Suddenly, out of the tent in a dream daughter went — it was someone pulling some kind of shadow. I've gone crazy, rushed to this shadow, screamed. Rumyantsev, head of the expedition also saw something large and dark. Whether it was a robot, and may, with the plates of the alien. More is all you can read in my book.

— In what year was it?

— This was in 1962.

— And as further developed this theme?

— The morning after the incident, I did not calm down. My daughter and I went after experiencing temperature and pressure. We descended to the plains, and in the morning, at five o'clock, we were already on the ground and spent the night in the house of the Prime Minister of Tajikistan. I remember a funny episode. I noticed in the window of the local uncle and tell him, "Uncle, you will tear us apples? '. He's such a smile, in tyubeteechke, and politely said, "Now." Quietly brought a ladder and climbed high on the tree to pluck us apples. Suddenly approach it and say, "It's your car came." He brought fruits and politely said goodbye. And I ask the driver, who it was. He said: "The President of the Council of Ministers of Tajikistan». And we have it on the estate came a few days.

Then there were the expedition Hibiny and the Urals. But the most interesting was my trip to the North. There we stopped on the banks of Lake Lop, and again watched the offing frisbee. And even heard from her screams. By the way, there is at the same time was a big expedition cryptozoologists, who addressed the issue of "Bigfoot". In the third and last time I saw "plate" in the Star City.

— And where in the Star?

— She flew right over the houses. This object when the woman saw. She was paralyzed, lying near the window and saw something strange background homes. The houses were already burning fires, and now houses over a hundred meters hanging something. At first glance, it seemed like a crane. Then the crane went around the garrison. When she called me, I was already running soldiers with a pass, "Oh, Marina Lavrentyevna! Your flying objects hanging from us! ".

— Are you sure it was not the testing of military equipment?

— No, that's impossible. I am often asked: "Do you believe in" flying saucers "? '. I always say that I do not believe — I know, I myself saw them three times. My husband is a pilot, he flew the Su-24 in Dubno near Lviv. And once they were flying at night on the Su-24. Can you imagine what it's crocodiles — powerful jet attack aircraft. Suddenly, three objects are in the forehead right — the wrong way! They went without a sound. Our pilots stopped flying because there was a risk of collisions, and in general it was just before the crash. Then it turned out that this group was further over Poland, over Germany and over Switzerland. Of these countries received information about the passage of a powerful group of UFOs in Belgium was even photographed the planes were chasing them. You will find these pictures in my book, as well as the statements of the pilots. At other times, our pilots flew on night of shooting, and it just — there and here so fell right in front of them and is not going anywhere. The pilot has to shoot, but he still stuck. And then he pulled out a camera and filmed everything. At the same moment a plate went straight up.

On another occasion, the head of operations reported to our commander, to the left of the runway hanging and hanging some object already tired. The commander himself flew to drive away the "plate". He said to her — she is ahead. He turned on the afterburners, it is even faster. Then he had begun to wear thin fuel, airport already far away, and she turned in front of his nose and left. That you failed! That is, if they can read thoughts, then read them accurately.

I watched some objects in the mountains, and one time I saw something when one was going to work — a huge, long. Then I was in the "Anscombe triangle" and in a special zone near Perm, which is often observed these "flying saucers." I was there, and everywhere there was something to see. But I will say at once, for me, it made no particular impression. I often fly at high altitudes, at an altitude of over 17,000 feet, where I was falling without oxygen. In short, I somehow everything looked closer already, and these "plates" does not seem to me some outlandish. Many people take the "plates" spent rocket stages, marsh gas. Some even take some atmospheric phenomena, etc. per plate. What really want to point out is that they make maneuvers, that is, exhibit some reasonable behavioral motives. That's the main thing — reasonable! Every time I felt like that there is a rational being. The fact that their behavioral motivations are reasonable, I am convinced 100%. "Plate" can be called, I believe, only flying objects of the sensible worlds. At some point, I began to collect material on this problem and has done so in 15 years.

— And some government agencies have engaged in the development of this theme?

— Yes, do. This structure is called the Venture Technology Center, which is headed by Academician Ivan. In scientific circles it peck like they used to, remember pecking Timofeev-Ressovsky for genetics, Vavilov, etc. However, the Center for Technology Venture, in which I worked, built a generator that brings now, while modest, but brings them money. What do they do? They are irradiated with this generator blades for turbine aircraft factory in Yaroslavl. Such aircraft in operation so far, though, no. In addition, we happen to be next to the "Chkalov" lived Gen. Vasily, he compiled on the orders of the Minister of information about flying objects. And already written two books on the subject. He passed all the information to the General Staff, and from there it has done a special group of people. This military investigators.

— How do you think that gives humanity about UFOs?

— I believe that today humanity is still taking its first tentative steps into space. Today, the space is constantly working three most powerful telescope, and they give real miracles. For example, a favorite of all the pilots Polar Star — we focus on it — was that of the Sun is 120 times. As shown by the "Hubble" Little Dipper is composed of as many as 20 stars! And one star in the constellation emits energy into space at a distance of trillions of miles away. Most recently threw energy 6000000 amp Jupiter's moon Io. Current of this energy was directed precisely at the center of Jupiter. Observers argue that lights up the space itself between Io and Jupiter. Another one of the 16 satellites of Jupiter, Europa, it turns out, has an atmosphere, and may be quite suitable for life. I think a lot of humanity will manned missions to Mars.

Although it is sometimes not necessary to fly into space to receive new information. Just a few days ago on NTV television reported that in Krasnodar, in the fields near the parking lot found a recent UFO landing site. These concentric circles on the ground, which is in the UK and South America.

Recently, I was in Peru. Ancient Peruvian sources and oral histories clearly indicate that the Peruvians had once been in contact with the "gods" who flew to him and taught all sorts of crafts and agriculture. They also have the myth of the flood. But archaeologists have found the remains in the land of the Incas only. I still do not find any Mayan burial. Only their culture, their frescoes, but no graves or corpses. I was presented with such stunning in Sanskrit of the three huge folio volumes, the format of four glued sheet of drawing paper A1. According to legend, the author of the information contained therein — a man-Solntseedy. He had not eaten for two years, he lived in the mountains, and there fixed the Flood and recorded his observations. This man is scratching his writings on the scrap materials. Then they were transferred to Dostochka and with dostochek — already on the paper. Now we translate this ancient text in the Russian language. It says that the Incas came from Atlantis when Atlantis sank beneath the sea. The former Inca were teachers. It all speaks in favor of the fact that we come in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

It is believed that many of the discoveries are made by dictation. Remember, Ziolkowski could not think of what to send a man into space, and he had a vision in the sky smoky trail. I was at his house, and say that it was written in the sky smoky trail, cloud, "on the rocket." I met with Antonio Ravera, Spanish scholar and writer. He told me: "All I did was dictated." Also, Jean Jacques Petit, a specialist in fluid dynamics, academician, said all the materials that I published, I came in the mail, someone sent them to me. There are promises, people contact, apparently, with higher intelligence.

I, by the way, no one ever does not suggest anything. But when I was released from the school, our commander was Kamanin Nikolai Petrovich, he then commanded the astronauts. He was present at the party, spoke and said that I remember all my life, "Remember the five moral rules. Each person has to be perfect, honest, responsible, kind and brave. " These rules, he said, carry out all the pilots. And it's true! The pilot never do evil on earth, because he is unable to apologize, I have come to such a conclusion. Is not able to apologize for the bad made or caused trouble. Therefore, pilots absolutely, as well as astronauts and sailors were never atheists.

— You personally knew Yuri Gagarin. And he was a believer?

— I have already said that among the pilots atheists never was. But as a believer? We did not go to church, do not pray, but each in his heart kept his faith. God is in everyone's mind. I'm telling you it is responsible, as a pilot, flying 30 years. I've never seen a religious sacrilege among pilots, astronauts and sailors.

A very wise man said — a very long time, when the priests were killing people for the knowledge of science — that there are three obstacles on the ground in humans. The first of these — the ignorance of the clergy. Killed and Giordano Bruno, and Copernicus. Second — atheism of scientists who deny God. And the third — the perfect irresponsibility of the Democrats. Can you imagine what it's been said in the 6th century BC Pythagoras? Now, of course, the priests educated, but Democrats again irresponsible.

Marina Popovich about yourself:

"The desire for aviation I had during the Great Patriotic War. Mene was four years old, and I decided I wanted to be a pilot to smash the fascists. When I was a teenager, I wrote a letter to Voroshilov — he was then a minister. Voroshilov said, What if I have the ability, it is necessary to send me to school. And I had already flown. At school, I was late by almost six months, but I still caught all the others, and even stayed to work at the school after graduation. then I went to Aviation Institute. Became an instructor pilot. then began to dream of a military career test pilot. And this goal has led me on. graduated from the institute, then the academy graduate. Defended candidate. Testing aircraft, I could apply the knowledge that is gained at the academy. then came storming supersonic speeds.

Today on istrebitelya put automatic devices, aircraft were flying laboratory. And then all of the work fell on the pilot. Once we pasted sensors, and found that under severe conditions, such as in the case of equipment failure, pulse-bodied pilot reaches 150 beats per minute, the pressure reaches 220, respiration 47 times per minute, and body temperature — 38.7 degrees .

I was a fighter pilot, flying MiGs at all, until the MiG-21. In 1965, I managed to break the sound barrier and reach speeds of 2,320 km / h. This storm of high speeds and high altitudes cost the lives of many of my friends — they were killed in the trials. I became a test pilot in 1964, and with me it's a group of 18 people. 16 of them did not return from a flight. The first five of his books I've written about pilots who did not return from a flight.

Then I wanted to fly into space, but did not pass the committee. When my husband asked why your wife — a professional pilot — did not pass the commission for the astronauts, she's on the fighters fly? He said: "She is very fast and has much to say. And even when eating and talking, but in space, if a person eats and starts talking, the food flies out of his mouth. Doctors feared — will die of hunger. " Would not let me because I was a little girl, 6 years old. Said: "This man flies, then you will fly." In my asset 102 aviation records. I am currently working Provost of the International Institute of Management.


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