Match report Terek — Rostov

Southern rivals came to this match to prove their worth after a diametrically different held the first round. The desire to fight for the victory prevailed in the minds of all the players, because the reasons are solid-irritants. Learn more — in the report ""

"Terek" — "growth" — 1:1 (1:0)

Goals: Asildarov 5 — 81 Akhmetovich

"Terek": Dikan, Utsiev, Omeljanchuk, Haimovich, Yatchenko, Mauricio (Sadaev 83), Georgiev, Kobenko, Lakhiyalov (Arce 54), Asildarov, Bracamonte (Jabrayilov 66).

"Rostov": Radic, Circassian, Gion, Okoronkwo, Andjelkovic, Gatskan, Lebedenco, Ivanov (Akhmetovich 60), Kalachev (Lutsenko 84), Pavlenko, Adam (Valikaev 90 +3).

Warning: Lebedenco 18 Yatchenko 22, 27, Ivanov, Radic 38, Adams 58, Pavlenko, 66, 68 Kalachev, Gatskan 78, Andjelkovic 82.

Referee: Yuri Baskakov (Moscow)

Another southern opposition awaited the audience in the second round. Moreover, the rivals met, more than any other Surprise in the first round. Curiously, it was surprisingly different properties. "Rostov" in his field, hit the uncertain game, and the defeat of "Tommy" (0:2), and "Terek", on the contrary, at a party looked great in a match with "Siberia" (2:0), showing perhaps the best game in the first round. Now was to prove one thing — that the failure of the home was an accident, but the second — that the guest convincing victory was not a fluke, and testified about the class and the form of the command. Interestingly, in the four-person duels, "Terek" never celebrated a victory, losing three times and once played in a draw — one more reason to prove solvency. With teams of personnel problems sorted out, so the loss was listed in the list only Ivanovic in the "Rostov". Well, the audience had a right to expect a spectacular game from the current contenders, because there were reasons for that.

Very active hosts started the game, just as thoroughly grasped the initiative, the ball and the territory under its control. Quietly and solidly Grozny tried for the first minute to squeeze ahead on the right, left, center. "Probe" the opponent's defense, "Terek" gave an excellent combination of one transmission and one hit. Lakhiyalov got the ball, looked around, found that will give away to the left, and he rolled the shell bottom to move forward Asildarovu, who immediately ran away from the "yawning" confused defense to a rendezvous with the goalie and easily broke through that. 1-0! Fast and nice goal, his fine cut through the terrible failure of the transmission and protection of guests in the central zone.

Next promising attack "leaked" from the left and ended with lumbago Yatchenko. "Rostov" clumsily tried to answer, but the shot of Adam not only dangerous, but it is funny and its imprecision. Scoring a goal, "Terek" did not let the game thread for a second. Moreover, Grozny could soon double the lead. This Asildarov pushed his way through the veil of the defense, "date" to Radic, but now the goal keeper failed. What is the advantage was caused by "Terek"? And it's been much more in Novosibirsk. Grozny are brought very self-confident, physically and played great team ready — that's all. As you know, at the start of the season in a little Russian.

Rostov to a 15th minute were able to organize a positional prolonged attack. And, gradually their attacks became more frequent and thorough. "Terek" controlled the game without pumping more overpressure. Or, "Rostov" finally came to his senses and went to equalize goal difference. Now the owners are not without common sense relied on counterattacks. If there are good performers in the group attack this plan looked very literate. Is that still a lot of time there. The defense of "Terek" working with the enemy swoops securely, and Bracamonte, Lakhiyalov, Kobenko Asildarov and skillfully acted ahead, clinging to the ball.

The game looked lively enough, though in some places and tight — the desire to play and being able to do this effectively in both opponents were observed, and most importantly, there was very nimble movement at all. "Rostov" actively sought out the invaded zone, penetrating into the penalty Dikanya on the flanks and in the center. Opponents did manage a series of combinations and transmission, which adds harmony game, albeit without frequent strikes, rather, with a few punches at all. The last and penultimate transfer only were inaccurate or interrupted defenders, which prevented create real threats. The guests looked better than the middle line, and the owners — and the defensive front.

"Terek" for a long time (for me) not to go ahead in the middle of the half, as recalled in the 35th minute and "freewheeling" a couple of promising attacks. One of them ended with a header Asildarova — in the hands of the goalkeeper and defenders in the second was not allowed to turn around Bracamonte. Grozny was snatched at the time of the initiative. After 38 minutes, there was a very strange and interesting episode. Kobenko performed from the right wing chic interpretation in connection Lahiyalovu, who took the ball ten yards from the corner of the penalty area, but for some reason, there rushed like a fire, the goalkeeper Radic, although close to the rival defenders were. But time went on, we come late, I thought then. Goalkeeper these things fully thesis was adequate. He drove the enemy like a real quarterback to face. Lakhiyalov was taken aback by such pressure. He would pass on to issue a partner, but he went to the stroke that ended foul Radic at the very front and the penalty — not the worst option. With an acute angle Georgiev decided to knock on the gate with the standard, the target hit, but failed to impress Radic.

Visually, "Rostov" more attacking position, winning the midfield, but the lead up to the severity of the attack is much less than the opponent. This again is based on the ratio of three lines, as described above. And yet his guests had chances to score. At the 45th minute. In the center of the penalty was "forgotten" the ball, which first appeared in time Pavlenko and immediately punched the corner, but loaded up. And get into target with a lethal position — sore would Dikan. Well, the first half was pretty cute. Scoring chances are not many, but a pass team played solidly, and were not afraid to make accurate long-distance transfers, moving well and open, eager to play football, not abused, "drying" of the game, in short, are good in many components, but not all .

The second half began with similar "perky" picture. "Terek" was marked by two harmless cross from Georgieva and "Rostov" said a good attack, which went to Adam, and Kalachev Lebedenco, but even blow to the gate it was not over. Developing a permanent way the game is not very pleased mentor "Rostov", which just had to do something to succeed. The raids were not given the positional effect, "Terek" continued stabbing sharply in response. Therefore Protasiv on the hour decided to remove the defensive midfielder Ivanov, releasing an attacking player Akhmetovich.

What else could be noted on the match except for the above? Is that emphasize the large amount of work committed players. Get the same Bracamonte — the leader in this speculative figure. Hector, as a striker, found himself not only on the cutting edge, but also in the selection at the gate was listed among the best. Active "flying" forward still carried the greatest threats and scoring chances. Of course, it was possible to penetrate into the penalty Dikanya Radic and more often, but to
the operating room where no one was allowed to go out, covering immediately whole "small groups" — carefully and tightly played quarterback.

The density of this from time to time destroyed swift attacking players. Thus, in the 70th minute Arce could take questions about the winner. The ball came to him on the edge of the goalie Radic, where football head tried to smuggle "round" in the stack, but the goalkeeper managed to shot, and finish off with Arce did not work for slowness with which he turned around to strike — defencists covered. By the end of the match nervousness povshalas. The situation could "explode" at any gate, because do not forget that the "Rostov" is also quite clearly attacked.

After 73 minutes, there was an exchange polumoment. First Akhmetovich could not reach a dangerous overhang, and in response Asildarova and Kobenko who wanted to close the sharp pitch right ahead in the fall at the last moment Circassian. Five minutes later, another "barbarous" raid Asildarova Kobenko and nearly led to success. The first great close range to pass the ball to the second, but the hero of the match with the "Siberia" is not able to understand the pandemonium defenders and the goalkeeper, who twice ran through the "boiling point". Our thesis is that in the end proved to be true for all possible 81 minutes. Actively Lebedenco performed from the left, followed by a reduction to the penalty which struck the bottom Akhmetovich rally past the helpless Dikanya. 1:1! Both players were active, both scored.

The only discrepancy is that the "Terek" attack which is sharper than your opponent, but the head of something equally. Rostov did not think to brake, coasting emphasizing the attack. After 86 minutes, Adam from the penalty shot on target, but straight at the goalkeeper. "Terek" too eager victory, therefore, flew to the counter, which could end in a goal, but Asildarova tightly guardians, and in the struggle striker struck the bar. Then, in practice, it became apparent that the dedication and desire to present each player — they were in a hurry, in a hurry to go on the attack. The home team is even a kind of Nabal organized in the 88th minute. Three in a row to "dive" in the penalty area and a dangerous shot — that's him up. Final confrontation could bend in any direction — rivals "fly" forward from gate to gate, but no decisive advantages achieved and dispersed peacefully.

This draw from those that occur because of the great desire of both contenders to snatch victory. This game completely characterize the statistical indicators. Possession and precision gear were absolutely equal — then painting the match and looked equally initiatives. But the shots on goal were many more in "Terek" violations of the same things were diametrically — three times the "advantage", "Rostov" (and also the eight yellow cards, as has happened with deletions í?!). It emphasizes that in an equal game sharper attack hosts. Overall, the match was lively and cheerful, cute. Rivals have shown a quality game for its level, a huge desire to win and admirable willingness to season. Of course, retouching required, but they are necessary for everyone.

Man of the match in "Terek". Shamil Asildarov

In fact, almost all the players showed Grozny Mighty good football, particularly stood out Lakhiyalov, Bracamonte, Kobenko and, in fact, Asildarov. But here's the goal that was scored by Shamil and became a "pebble", which tipped the scales in his favor. He is working out in full over the entire field was nice and sharp podygryshe in front of a word, is probably the best in the Grozny. Perhaps if Bracamonte or Lakhiyalov spent the entire game, they could claim the same.

Man of the match at the "Rostov". Igor Lebedenco

Not so easy to choose the best among the guests, but still be rewarded for the work of this title Lebedenco. Igor "ran" a great distance, turned out to be everywhere: on the right and the left, and center, actively looked in promoting, distributing the transmission right and left. Actually, he started that attack, which ended in a goal, took part in the defense, helping midfielders, in short, was the most active and agile in the "Rostov".

Time Team Terek — Rostov 1-1 =

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