Media: over Kiev threatened ecological disaster

Release of chemical waste occurred in one of the rivers of Zhytomyr region, through which the river Pripyat can get to Kiev, wrote on Monday, the newspaper "Today".

The service now gosryboohrany duty around the clock at the place where the Pripyat River flows into the Kiev reservoir. The fact is that in the Zhytomyr region in the river Already a factory dumped its waste water with formaldehyde and other chemicals, UNIAN.

River lost completely, there is even extinct toad. But the problem is that the river flows into the Pripyat Oh, and Pripyat — the Kiev reservoir. A few kilometers away is the water intake, through which the water falls metropolitan cranes. So this is a very serious matter. Chemical releases occurred 4, 14 and 16 March, "- said the head of the Association of Fishermen of Ukraine Alexander Chistyakov.

In Kievvodokanale too worried. "We are aware of this situation and are very concerned. Our chief technology makes monitoring two weeks. Water from the river Oh can come to Kiev for about 40 days. But we are prepared: if necessary, can be used additional reagents for water treatment. But we do not think that the threat to drinking water will be. Well, that time learned about the crash, "- said the head of the board advisor Kyivvodokanal Victoria Yakovleva.

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