Medvedev and Nazarbayev will speak on the Customs Union without Lukashenko

Company's Dmitry Medvedev and Nursultan Nazarbayev discussed trade and economic ties within the Customs Union. Why are not invited to the actual speech of the third party of the Customs Union of Belarus? Does this mean that the intransigence of Alexander Lukashenko on a number of issues make the Belarusian position outside the brackets tripartite agreements?

At a meeting of Russian and Kazakhstan, focusing on the development prospects of integration formats in the CIS. First of all it concerns the activities of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. But why Medvedev and Nazarbayev ignored another interested party — Belarus? Kazakhstan Political scientist Dosym Satpayev believes that, first, Moscow and Astana have many joint economic projects that do not involve participation of Minsk. Second, indicative of the existence of the Customs Union is not present in the truncated part of communication, and the December meeting in Moscow:

Nothing particularly wrong and deliberate to Belarus, I do not see …

"Nothing particularly wrong and deliberate to Belarus, I do not see it. Naturally, some detailed questions about the functioning of the Customs Union will be affected, but it is unlikely it will be the key theme. Because Kazakhstan and Russia still have their specific areas of cooperation, where necessary to strengthen contacts. First and foremost, it is about regional projects. Particularly, the initiative on the construction of new gas pipelines from Russia to Kazakhstan, the creation of new joint ventures, etc. That is, I think, that there is nothing in all this anti-Belarusian action is not necessary to wait. But in December, if not change the terms in Moscow a meeting between the three heads of states of the Customs Union. So everything will be clear to the alliance until the end of the year. And in case there will not be invited Lukashenko — is, of course, will sign. "

Differences in the positions of the Customs Union is still a lot. And especially the position of Minsk. Belarus has so far tried to get to the last withdrawal of Russian duties on oil, saying that if in respect of such discrimination with Kazakhstan not, why should anyone pay more? Members of the House of Representatives until recently pulled the ratification of the Customs Code and the problematic issue decided only at the last day of the session on June 30 (hidden from the media and refusing to comment.) It clarifies one of the union officials Vasily Khrol, the fact that Russia has unilaterally decided how many reward Belarus oil for domestic use, it does not honor:

Vasily Khrol

"From the beginning, the export duty on oil products were determined decree of the Russian government's only one position — provides a special code on products from bituminous minerals. However, after the results were unexpectedly adjusted: 6.3 million tons of oil provided by the Republic of Belarus and the duty-free, according to the Russian party, are sufficient to provide domestic needs our country in petroleum and chemical industry to provide Belarus. Therefore, in my opinion, the problems that exist in the anti-crisis plan, now we need to decide whether we should try to negotiate. "

Amicably agree not fall. On September 7, the Economic Court of the CIS scheduled meeting, initiated by the Government of Belarus. On March 25, the Ministry of Justice of Belarus submitted a claim of illegality of levying customs duties on petroleum products imported from Russia to Belarus.

In limbo and customs duties on cars. Since Russia insisted on the unification of "customs clearance" to the Russian level, what he was doingPrices of cars unaffordable for Belarusians. At least until the middle of 2011 rates will remain at the same level. What to expect next — is unknown. In addition, according to the head of anti-administrative offense Dzyarzhavnaga Customs Committee Andrei Mikhalkevich, the opening of borders has led to the criminalization of customs area:

"Since there are different rates of import customs duties in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, it is still quite complex control mechanism for temporarily imported vehicles. Therefore, this area will be given considerable attention. Moreover, for the sake of public safety is very important factor is to respond to the threats related to the distribution of narcotic and psychotropic substances from the south-east. fact that one of the most active areas of the transfer of funds of opium, including heroin, on the way north, there is a trans-shipment through Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. "

Alexander Lukashenko today launched a working trip to Brest region. According to the press service of the Belarusian leader, his possible visit to Kazakhstan was not even discussed.


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