Medvedev: It's not legal, and medical restrictions

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev commented on the position of partner in the Customs Union — Belarus, which imposed restrictions on the supply of buckwheat in Russia, describing it as a "non-legal".

According to the agency "Interfax", head of the Association of Retail Companies Lev Khasis, describing the situation with the sharp rise in price in recent weeks against the deficit buckwheat, complained of the position of Minsk.

"Our suppliers are from Belarus, who have buckwheat, refusing to deliver due to restrictions set by the government of Belarus.

We were not very clear — what could be the limitations of the Customs Union? , "- He said, speaking at a State Council meeting held in Saratov dedicated internal regulation of the food market of the Russian Federation.

The President of the Russian Federation in response argued that "it is not legal, it medytschnyya restrictions."

L. Khasis asked for help from the state to the Customs Union to lift the restrictions.

"Talk to colleagues — said D. Medvedev, referring to the First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who oversees the Customs Union. — I understand that this is a difficult thing, often requiring large mental strength. But where to go, we are in a union, we are brotherly state. "

In turn, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, the director of the Department of Grain Vasiliy Sedin reported in Belarus as long as there is no surplus of buckwheat. "Gather buckwheat — math. We need, above all, for their own use," — said the deputy minister.

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