Mercenary — no defender of the fatherland

Mercenary - not a defender of the fatherland

Reflect on the creation of the so-called necessity Prof. army very love in modern Russia. In this case, the supporters of the proposal are not only just the liberal intelligentsia, and does not share the rest of her eyes a significant portion of our population.

Many citizens of the Russian Federation are convinced that Professor army — is excellent, by definition. Although this idea which opponent declares a blunt retrograde, which simply do not talk about. Although the talk is even there is something. After all, you need only a little thought to realize what frankly absurd construction underlie the well-established in the public consciousness of myth.

And what did we?

"Let them serve those who want to", "Let the professionals are well prepared" — these abstracts listed as self-evident. In response hunt to ask questions: who and when to go into the army prevented people who have decided to choose a military career? When and who did not allow them in the Armed Forces? Even in Russian, when the draft was not subject to the principle of manning the debate, there was enlisted servicemen Institute. And in the post-test in the inverse order to attract the experts were very intense. But something went wrong.

In general, the liberal public simply explained by the fact that the "brilliant idea" ruined "stupid generals." What and how — not intelligibly explained. Killed — and all. Apparently, the wall stood in the way of perfectly cooked experts and not let them serve. Those were torn, but — as would be unfortunate as it may sound! Here, by the way, there is a passing question: Where did we come from perfectly cooked master? Neuzh their well prepared in the "recruiting slavery?" Something something does not fit here.

Actually, who sees in the military service of his calling, and he serves. First question about the officers. As for the rank and file, it is easy to understand: in a developed country with a market economy (and our homeland for all clear this is a slip of the tongue) to serve in the army under the contract will go first are those who have not found their place in civilian life. In other words lumpen. Or, at best, well-intentioned people from social ranks. Representatives of other sectors of the population will choose for themselves plainclothes profession that gives many times more money at the highest level is incomparably more freedom (and if you behold the fulfillment in the military service, go to the officers, not the rank and file). This has happened in all the advanced countries, not excluding the United States. In the 70's and 80's of the twentieth century, when there was a failure in the United States from the call, the quality of the personnel of the U.S. armed forces was compounded hell.

This fact kills the thesis of the "well-prepared professionals" who is more stupid than the "let serve those who want to."

Again, the question is why they are masters? Who are their "well prepared"? You can use your loaf, that if a man called into the army — it does not specialist. And if the same person she was hired — it automatically becomes a specialist. By the way, the level of training is determined by its organization, not the principle of manning. The Israeli army, for example, combat training is high, although the IDF, we can say, the conscript army in the world, in its ranks to serve even the ladies and that no alternative civilian service is not provided (the "refuseniks" are sent to jail.) With all of this well known and excellent living conditions of members of the armed forces of the Jewish country, and in the absence of hazing.

The Israelis were able to make such an army, but what prevents us to do? The Russian army zealous professor of explanation in this regard can not. The only relatively clear answer: "Israel is surrounded by enemies." This is equivalent to the well-known expression "Apples and uncle in Kiev." The fact of levying local enemies of your country, of course, having asked conscript army (as discussed below), but it has no relation to the internal arrangement of the IDF. How does the aggressive environment has an impact on the good living conditions in Israeli barracks? Is the lack of enemy tanks during the coming outskirts interferes with our army "learn military training in a real way?"

And in the army of Western European countries, which until the early 90's, without exception equipped with the call, the level of training of enlisted personnel was higher than in the Anglo-Saxon mercenary armies. These same groups were different and the Armed Forces of the USSR in Eastern Europe. There is a real prof stationed Russian army, though she was gaining on the call. Just over the border in contrast to parts of the terrain of the Union did not paint dandelions in green color, and all two years of service intentionally engaged in combat training. And if not, then people will not be an expert at all no matter how old he is and whether it is for money. In addition, a representative of the social rank and file, not to mention the lumpen, a specialist very difficult to do even with a good organization of training and length of stay in military ranks. Especially in the modern army, where the main thing — to understand the complex technology, but not to run across the field with a gun.


In fact the principle of acquisition — something purely applied. It is determined by what tasks facing the army, and nothing more. To the level of economic and social development of the country and its political structure that principle has no case. If there is a risk of large-scale external aggression, the country needs a conscript army (at least as it is necessary to have a large reserve of cooked). That's why in Israel or in that of a very highly developed democratic country such as South Korea, there is no question of the abolition of conscription. For the same before the collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact on the call were equipped with all the Western States Army — NATO members. And at the moment do not consider the ability of renunciation "sworn friends" — Greece and Turkey, constantly preparing for war among themselves (and the Turks — also with its neighbors to the east).

If the threat of external aggression was gone, the army or the assigned tasks of overseas operations (the police often faster than the disposition of the military), or it is in fact not necessary and some remains of mandatory attribute of the country. In the latter case, the appeal becomes meaningless and naturally there is a transition to wage principle of manning.

In the U.S. and Britain decided to abandon the set of recruits, conscripts in the years of the war exactly as cool as these States for purely geographical reasons not threatened invasion from outside. Overseas same operations (such as Vietnam) were rejected by society, making calls impossible. By the way, formally the United States was not canceled, he just every year declared a "zero."

At the moment, the majority of the alliance there is no need to conscript armies (but not including Greece and Turkey, they are in Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Albania, Estonia, also in neutral Austria, Finland , Switzerland). Lumpenization struggling with the problem by increasing the monetary allowances, allowing the armed forces to lure not only representatives of the social r
anks. This, naturally, leads to a very significant increase in military spending.

Europeans have decided this dilemma is simple: their armies so small that the remaining personnel can pay relatively well. Reduction of the armed forces is in fact the loss of the defense, but the Europeans no one to defend. In addition, all of them — members of NATO, the total power of which is still very high. The Yankees can not do so well, because they are always at war, in addition, the U.S. should refuse to defend against the armies of the Europeans. Because the Pentagon budget headed for a truly astronomical proportions. And much of it is specifically for the maintenance of the military.

In the 80-90s with a sharp increase in foreign exchange allowances and the introduction of a huge number of various types of benefits headed for the Pentagon to improve the properties of the armed forces of the United States, getting rid of the lumpen. But everything has broken the second Iraq war. She revealed another shortcoming of the mercenary army, even more severe than lumpenization. We are talking about fundamentally changing the motivation.

The expert does not have to die

Another favorite statement followers Prof. army — "military occupation is the same as everyone else." This thesis is not only false, like the above "postulates", he frankly despicable. The military profession is fundamentally different from all the others in that she and she alone implies the duty to die. And for the money you can not breathe. Kill — you can, and breathe — no. You can only breathe for the idea. That's why mercenary army can not fight, implying a high level of losses.

Demotivation of European military professionals took frankly be ashamed of temper. It all started with a recognizable events in Srebrenica in 1995, when the Dutch battalion did nothing to prevent the massacre of peaceful inhabitants. Later there were meek surrender Iranians British marines, multiple care Czech special forces in Afghanistan from combat positions, as the fighter life in danger! All of these "heroes" were experts.

And in the United States due to rising losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, there was the lack of people willing to serve in the army, which led to a momentary decrease in the properties of volunteer recruits to the level of the mid-'70s. As the troops were pulled back and lumpen criminals. In this case, for a lot of money.

Fortunately for the United States and European countries, even defeat in overseas wars does not threaten their independence. To defend their land as their own mercenary army applicable not only because in this case there is no sufficient number of reservists. Even worse is that the master for his country will not breathe too, since they went to serve not for this.

Prof forces 6 monarchies of the Persian Gulf, kitted out with the latest instrument is more than enough, in August 1990, showed an absolute invalidity against mandatory military service in Iraq. The armed forces of Kuwait before the war was just a tremendous scale of the microscopic country and had a real opportunity to stand a few days alone, waiting for assistance from a formally very massive armies of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In fact, the Kuwaiti masters just vanished, without offering any resistance to the enemy, and neighbors, allies do not even try assist the victim of anger and fear began to call for help NATO troops. Later, at the beginning of the first Gulf War — January 24, 1991 Iraqis have begun only in that campaign coming to the Saudi town of Ras Khafji. His "defenders" ran immediately! They, too, were experts …

Curiously, after the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation immediately ran to universal conscription. At the same time kept it until the final defeat of Iraq in 2003.

In August 2008, history repeated itself in the Caucasus. Although Georgia formally retained appeal, all mechanized brigade, trained by NATO program that were equipped with contract. And the first attack on South Ossetia, in the process of coming against a weak little business at the enemy aggressor went well. And later came into force Russian troops, roughly equal in size group of Georgian Sun Vpribavok a significant part of the personnel of our divisions were conscripts. As you know, the Georgian army Prof. even lost, it just fell apart and fled. Although from the second day or the war for the Georgians it was about protecting their community.

There is another difficulty with this caveat. Conscript army — People's Army, because it is very difficult to turn against the people of his country. Mercenary army — an army of hired her regime, it is even easier to use to solve internal problems of the punitive nature. That's why in most underdeveloped third world countries the army hired. They do not have to fight the external enemy, but to protect those in power from the public. Bangladesh, Belize, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Gabon, Guyana, Gambia, Ghana, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, DRC (Zaire), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Papua — Bimbo Guinea, Rwanda, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Fiji, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Jamaica — in all these countries, Prof. armed forces.

And specifically for this reason, so far not be removed from conscript army in Germany, although from a geopolitical point of view, the need for it has been lost. Very strong in the memory of the country's totalitarian past. And even in the U.S., where totalitarianism was never, literature and cinematography at times give out "horror stories" about the military coup, and discussions are specialists constantly question of how to strengthen civilian control over the Armed Forces.

As there any wonder our battered by riot police on the "March of Dissent" liberals who continue to push the Kremlin: "Take out so positive we professional army». After riot police — this is Prof. Army force structure, it is completed with the hiring. How unfortunate it did not sound, the dogma of the above reality.

Or — Or

It is clear that the basis of the myth of the Russian army are Prof. disgusting living conditions of soldiers, and that is even worse — bullying. It is easy to understand the first principle in any way with the acquisition are not related. As for hazing, then she was born in the late 60's, when the army immediately began calling for criminals and more importantly — was actually abolished the institution junior officers, sergeants and petty officers. This gave a cumulative effect, which we disentangle far.

In any army in the world — not in the draft, or in a mercenary — nothing like this. Although the "hazing" is everywhere. After all, the army rank and file unit (ship) is a team of young guys who are in the period of maturation, the level of education is not above average, aimed at violence. With all this hazing mercenary armies appear more often than in the recruiting. This is natural, because the mercenary army — is a closed caste-specific, where the internal hierarchy, the role of traditions and rituals still higher than the national call-up army, where people are relatively short-lived. But, again, nothing similar to our hazing, which is in fact institutionalized, not anywhere. Increase in the Armed Forces bit of the problem of contract is not canceled, sometimes even worsened, the crime rate among them is higher than the middle of the recruits, which continues to grow. What is completely natural, as the above-described problem of social degradation and completely touched us.

Since bullying can be the only method of control — the restoration of the institution of junior commanders, then we really need to look to the United States (there is the phrase "the world is governed sergeants"). Specifically, sergeants and petty officers need to be experts, because it requires a spe
cial, very strict selection on the physical, mental, psychological indicators. Naturally, it is assumed that the future junior commander served a full term on the call. With all this, he not only has to serve himself well, and possess abilities to teach others. This is why the selection for the post of sergeant (sergeant) in the order will have to take into account of mandatory reviews of serviceman and his fellow commanders. Size currency contentment Sgt (Sergeant) should be set at the level of the middle class, while the capital, and not the provincial (with all this, obviously, the lieutenant should pay more than the sergeant).

Private same composition have to dial the call. He must be provided with the usual living conditions and employment only, and only in combat training throughout the life. It is natural that among the rank and file, the actual end-of-the call, there may be willing to continue to serve under the contract. In this case, too, will be selected, of course, a few less rigid than at junior commanders. It is necessary to keep in mind that the quality here is more important than quantity. The desires of the potential to become such a contractor is not enough, it is necessary that the army also had the desire to create it in their own ranks.

The need to preserve appeal explained by the fact that country with the largest area in the world and the most extended to the borders of the world simply can not have a 'small small-sized army "(another beloved liberal mantra). In addition, external dangers we have a very diverse and mixed.

The most severe among them — the Chinese. China will not survive without the outer expansion to capture resources and territories — is an impartial fact. It can not notice it, but it does not disappear. Since 2006, the Celestial openly began to prepare for anger against the Russian Federation, with the scale of training is constantly increasing. The situation recalls 1940 — beginning of 1941, when the Soviet Union is also going to open poruha (with the same purpose), and in Moscow were trying to "talk to" the problem of convincing themselves that Germany is to us — a great friend.

Of course, someone will be hoping for deterrence of China, but its effectiveness is not obvious what "military-industrial complex" already wrote in the article "The Illusion of nuclear deterrence» (№ 11, 2010). Not the fact that we will gain from the Chinese invasion conscript army. But clearly we will not protect him from the mercenary army. It is "evaporate" just like Kuwait and Georgian.

For Russia the idea of creation of Prof. Army — excellent and very harmful self-deception. Or our army will draft, or you just need to turn away from it. And do not complain about the consequences.

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