Mexico: A colossal collapse beach

April 1.At 5:00 am there was an explosion and a part of the beach in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (State of Mexico, located in southern California peninsula — approx. Translator) — Disappeared.

Municipal representative of La Ribera, Guillermo Sandes Puppo indicates that this area is nothing like has never happened. However, there are reports that 20 years ago, something similar happened, but not to such an extent as at present.

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Since the beginning of Holy Week, many families often spend the night on the beach Monk in Los Cabos, the Saints on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Therefore Guillermo Sandes Puppo warns travelers preparing to come to the beach, not to set camp near the danger zone the beach, where millions of tons of sand have disappeared for some reason and you never know what might happen in the future.

Residents of the affected area believe that the phenomenon is caused by a geological fault.


On Sunday morning, March 25, the beach at Los Frailes gone — forever lost 200 to 100 meters of the beach. The red line shows where the day before was the beach. The fisherman, who sent an e-mail a photo, said that the beach was gone very quickly, and now there is a steep cliff coast, which is still slowly disappearing.

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