Militant attack on the capital of the CBD

On Friday late evening the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, Nalchik attack was betrayed 3 of militant groups, consisting of a maximum of 12 man. The result had been shot numerous traffic police posts and the Federal Security Service, also undermined departmental sanatorium. Preliminary data they say that the victim of these attacks was employee DPS, who was injured. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials were not able to catch the attackers.

Has long been in Nalchik did not happen so much militant attacks. The last major attack militants took place in this town in the autumn of 2005. Then, hundreds of people were killed floor, the police managed to catch 95 attackers.

From Shalshki to "Leningrad"

Nikolai Sintsov — the official dealer of the State Counterterrorism Committee, told reporters RIA announcements that attack happened in Nalchik on Friday closer to the evening. Unknown attack performed by the sports complex "Spartacus." Specifically, there have been carried out and fired three rocket-propelled grenades on the premises of the republican FSB.

Sintsov said that as a result of the attack was unknown nekordinalno damaged building FSB, the victims, fortunately, no. Immediately attack on FSB were reported shelling of 2-DPS posts: Fri Khasanya in the village (victims) and in the settlement Fri Shalushka — there was injured instpektor traffic police. At one time, all of these attacks on the local departmental sanatorium "Leningrad" was recorded explosion of unknown explosive device.

Immediately after these incidents several media correspondents said that the explosion at the sanatorium "Leningrad" took about 12 of human lives. But the Department of Investigation and the Federal Security Service immediately denied the report.

The militants fled in an unknown direction …

Law enforcement official told RIA announcements that all three of the attackers consisted of less than 12 people traveled in cars, and attacked at once (about 20.10) at all three sites.

According to reports, the perpetrators fled in an unknown direction. At the current time declared wanted. Source RIA announcements also said that at this point in the town put in place a plan "Fortress", according to which the object is greater protection.

In addition, it has been speculation that the attack could serve as a prerequisite for militants in the city administration of additional units of the MVD. A city can be declared fully implement anti-terrorist operation zone.

Upon the attack was a criminal case under Article 222 of the Criminal Code — illegal gun trafficking, and 317 — attempt on the life of a law enforcement bodies.

Some of these announcements RIA became clear that the border guards operating on the border with the Russian Federation, South Ossetia, they say that the same militants seized in Kabardino-Balkaria, one settlement. But law enforcement authorities immediately denied the rumors.

The authorities' response

The representative of the NAC Nikolai Sintsov told RIA announcements that now the situation in Nalchik are kept under the supervision of law enforcement officers. Alexander skirting — the head of the Federal Security Service of the Kabardino-Balkaria, Russian Federation, told President Dmitry Medvedev on measures taken to normalize the situation.
It is understood that earlier Bortnikov ordered his subordinates to carry out measures to detect and apprehend the attackers. In addition, the head of the FSB Bortnikov instructed to hold the meeting in Nalchik, the operational headquarters.
Khloponin — President of Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal surrounded personally coordinate all the acts of security forces. This was told RIA Announcements Natalia Platonov — plenipotentiary representative.

Not the first attack

In February this year the situation has escalated in Kabardino-Balkaria in the Balkan region on February 18, gunmen opened fire on a tourist bus from Moscow, with the result that two tourists were injured and three — were killed.
In December 2010, in the village of Shalushka where the shelling was carried out post of DPS, was killed by a recognizable public figure Aslan Tsipinov, and in the support Fri police — two Chegemsky district police department. In the same month in Nalchik would carpeted chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Anas Pshihachev.

Most large-scale attack on Nalchik left 13 October 2005. As a result of which 12 civilians were killed and 35 inmates serving law enforcement. In addition, 95 were shot dead by the attackers. All of resistance fighters were paid only on the morning of day or later.

The investigation of the case was prosecuted 95 people. Criminal charges against 13 people were terminated in connection with the amnesty, 95 people — in connection with their deaths. Earlier time 14 people are wanted by law enforcement.

The situation in Chechnya

In the same Friday conducted a special operation in Chechnya. According to the Chairman of NAC Nicholas Sintsova were killed three people who are in the leadership of gangs in leader Abu Bakar Batalov.
As told Sintsov FSB found hiding criminals, what are the elements of an explosive device and explosive itself, and organized an ambush there. After a while came to a hiding place three members of the gang, on the proposal of the FSB officers, they returned fire, resulting in the security forces and were destroyed. Sintsov also said that the identity of all three criminals are set, but in the interests of the investigation were not disclosed.

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