Minsk City dismissed the complaint for the arrest of Michael Bashura

Minsk City Court upheld the decision of the Soviet police department investigation of the arrest while the investigation activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura. Sought to challenge the legality of his arrest activist lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. Earlier, a similar complaint counsel rejected Soviet District Court of Minsk.

"The Court held that Bashura hold a carat legally, though in my opinion, nothing legal about it. Obviously could limited house arrest at the time of the investigation, because my client is not dangerous and does not shy away from the investigation, "- said the Freedom Tamara Sidorenko.

Michael Bashura arrested Aug. 6 and held in Zhodino detention center. Activist "Tell the Truth"Accused of falsifying information to obtain a loan, there were 2 years ago. Michael Bashura, who faces up to five years of restricted freedom, pleads not guilty and says an error when calculating income. Campaign "Tell the Truth"Does not exclude political persecution Bashura.


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