Missile system «Club-S» (Caliber-PLE)

Missile system

Missile system «Club-S» or «Calibre-PLE» with the introduction of missiles ZM-54E «Movement» system designed to uRaketnaya «Club-S» or «Calibre-PLE» with the introduction of missiles ZM-54E «Movement» is designed for installation on underwater vehicles, the main purpose — the defeat of enemy surface ships of all types with a strong fire and electronic countermeasures.

Seeker «ARS-54» is made with the highest protection from interference continues to work with a 6-point rough seas.

The missile consists of the main parts — boosters, subsonic sustainer stage supersonic penetrating warhead.

3M-54E1 missile can also be applied to underwater media. Differs from the ZM-54E least length (620 cm), huge weight warhead (twice) and the increased range of implementation. 3M-54E1 has no detachable warhead.

For the first time on a rocket «Movement» talked about in 1999, after an exhibition in Singapore.

The main properties:

— 8.22/6.2 m length of the rocket;
— off weight of 2300/1800 kg;
— penetrating warhead bomb 200/400 kg;
— destruction range 220/300 km;
— rocket speed: 0.8M march, the target of the order of 3M;
— altitude of 10-150 meters;
— introduction of a range up to 65 km;
— INS + RLGSN management;

What makes the use of missiles:

— can be used in a volley of missiles;
— all-weather and all-season use;
— practically invisible due to flight at low altitudes.

History of creation

Missile systems «-H Club» and «Club-S» developed and implemented (the main elements) OKB «Innovator» (Ekaterinburg). First test launch of the anti-ship missile (ASM), according to the media, was held from the nuclear submarine (NPS) in the Northern Fleet in March 2000, the second — in June of the same year with a diesel submarine (DPL) Project 877 Baltic Fleet.

Both the launch was considered a success.
The first major element of the system is universal missile «Alpha», which was demonstrated in 1993 (10 years after the beginning of its development) at an arms fair in Abu Dhabi and the international aerospace show MAKS-93 in Zhukovsky. In the same year she was accepted into service.
On the western systematization missile received the designation SS-N-27 Sizzler (from «sizzle» — a hissing sound coming from the boiling oil in the pan). In Russia and abroad (according to various media reports, handbooks series Jane’s, etc.), it was designated as the Klub, «Turquoise» (Biryuza) and «Alpha» (Alpha or Alfa).


Missile system type «-H Club» was created to engage surface ships and submarines of all types during combat operations in the criteria for a strong electronic and fire resistance.

The structure consists of missile missile system (drums missile) complexes (SC) «Club-H» (Club-N) and «Club-S» (Club-S), which are installed on surface ships and submarines, respectively, as a strike missile guns .

Missiles, in turn, include military vehicles (rockets for various purposes, a universal control system — SU, launchers), a versatile set of ground equipment, technical support to solve puzzles.
Missile system in almost all unified among themselves, but, depending on the destination and home have a different name and some differences:

Antiship cruise missile (ASM) ZM-54E complex «Club-S» (Club-S) submarine-launched designed to destroy surface ships of various classes (cruiser, destroyer, amphibious assault ship, transport, small missile ship, etc.) both single and acting as a group, in the criteria for organized resistance. Homing missiles ARS-54 (JSC «Radar MMS», St. Petersburg) with the greatest range of acts of about 60 km in length 70 cm, diameter 42 cm and weighing 40 kg, has the highest noise immunity and can operate at sea 5 -6 points.

The rocket consists of a booster, low-flying sustainer stage subsonic and supersonic detachable penetrating warhead.

RCC freeboard based 3M-54TE used in RK «Club-H» (Club-N) and is distinguished by the transport and launch container (TPC) to run from the vertical (CPG) or inclined launcher (PU) installation;

Antiship two stage ZM-54E1 KR complex «Club-S» (Club-S) submarine-launched designed to defeat the same purpose as the 3M-54E, but differs from the latter the smallest length (6.2 m), increased 2-fold weight warhead and a range of 1.4 times. This allows you to place it on a small displacement surface ships and submarines for use of shortened to 6.2 m standard torpedo tubes NATO. For the first time information about this rocket was presented at an arms fair in Singapore (May 1999) and in the same year in Russia on arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. The rocket consists of a booster and low-flying subsonic sustainer stage (does not have detachable supersonic combat stage).

Subsonic ASM ZM-54E1 can be mounted on small displacement ships and submarines zabugornogo production with short torpedo tubes. RCC-3M 54TE1 used in complex «Club-H» (Club-N) and characterized by the presence of the WPK to run vertical or inclined OHR PU;

ASW (from time to time it is called ballistic) guided missile (PLUR) 91RE1 created to destroy enemy submarines. Warhead missiles is a fast antisubmarine torpedo (MPT-1UME) or underwater missile (APR-3ME) sonar system with homing in on the target, used in complex «Club-S» (Club-S). The rocket is made of 533-mm torpedo tube length of about 8 m at media speed up to 15 knots.

Solid first-stage rocket engine provides its movement on the underwater section of the line movement, the output from the water and climb. After separation of the starting stage engine cut one second stage, which provides a controlled flight of a rocket in the design point where the head portion is separated from the rocket body, searches and guidance to the target. PLUR 91RTE2 used in complex «Club-H» (Club-N), different sizes and designs starting motor and having to start from TPK OHR or inclined PU;

Two-stage cruise missile to destroy ground (coastal) targets underwater (ZM-14E) and surface (3M-14TE) based on appearance, aerodynamic design, and dimensional features of the propulsion system is similar to RCC ZM-54E1 and has similarities with the strategic missile complex KR RK -55 «Granat» (with a range up to 3000 km). Different fragmentation (instead of penetrating) warhead, which the undermining in the air for the application of the greatest harm to the object and active radar homing seeker-14E (JSC «Radar MMS», St. Petersburg) with a highly-guided missiles at the target on the final section of the line movement of the flight. According to these indicators, it is superior zabugornye analogs, including and South American Tomahawk, which can be put hindrance in the satellite navigation system GPS. With a starting weight of 2000 kg (450 kg warhead) and speed up to 240 m / s is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 300 km.

The first time was shown in February 2004 at the International Dog Show 3 land and naval armaments «Defexpo India» (y Divide). During its development as the layout has been applied strategic cruise missile «Pomegranate» (NATO code SS-N-21 Sampson), created for the nuclear submarines of project 971, 945, 671RTM, 667AT, etc.


Missile system «Club» (Club) can be used in virtually all geographic and weather weather criteria funny day and NIGHT MODE.

The presence in the system for various purposes missiles with a unified part of the ship allows you to change the composition of ammunition missiles on carriers depending on the intended purpose and specific combat situation.
Currently, the missile system «Club» (Club) has no global peers. With its abundant use of it is able to radically change the nature of naval warfare, which allows even a small and «weak» fleet do severe danger to ship large groups of enemy and disrupt his principal maritime communications.
In zabugornyh references Jane’s series it is seen as anti-system and anti-(anti-sub/ship cruise missile — ASCM) missiles.

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