Mogilev waiting for a hungry cluster from abroad

Mogilev Region Executive Committee demanded increase in the amount of ten percent bookmarks stabilization fund of fruits and vegetables. Officials expect that the local products will be exported to neighboring countries, as there is a freak. In what specific, not reported. Mogilev borders only one country — Russia.

Or Mogilev officials predict mass export of the region's meat and dairy products from official sources is not clear messages:

"There is a chance, let's say that the food will be exported to neighboring countries. Address trade, rajpotrebsoyuz the fact that the storage facilities that you have lying products "- quoting official sources chairman of the executive committee orders Peter Rudnick.

Meanwhile All the same official sources acknowledge that in some areas of Mogilev still No modern storage of vegetables, and only the next year they are going to build there.

As for milk, then Last week acknowledged that it is not enough for the processing enterprises. Enough for livestock and feed, so they burned the drought. Some farms cows are transferred to winter meals.


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