More are popular genres of computer

The most popular genres of computerModern computer games industry is striking in its productivity. If even 10-15 years ago, the player can call himself a man who was not a happy owner of the most advanced "shooter", now gamer — It is true title. Experienced gamer can spend at the computer and a dozen hours in a row, with all this honing their skills for managing virtual characters to filigree.

Now there are a few more of favorite genres of computer games that had spread in our country. These games are countless shooters in which the player uses small tool to merit a particular purpose. Shooter may lie in the fact that gamer must pick up a special weapon and use it to get a hold or other military facilities. Statistical results they say that the games in the genre of shooters more than others addicted to old people from 17 to 31 years. In the middle of the total number of players in computer games, shooters choosing representatives of the people is the age of about 44%. With all of this lady's floor no fan of shooters to their attention that, in principle, be explained simply with a mental point of view. Not every woman is ready to shoot his opponents head with large caliber rifles multiply.

Not the least popular in Russia are arcade games. One of the most popular Web sites, where they selected a large collection of games is a website The real hit which placed on their computers to 18% players in computer games country of arcade genre is game based on the popular South American movie "Resident Evil." This game can be downloaded on the designated website completely free of charge. Additionally «Resident Evil» can be identified arcade game based on another sensational South American action movie Hulk. In this game, the plot twists so valiantly that you can not gimp a second to reach the applicability of the results.

The real breakthrough in the genre of simulation gaming yavletsya World of Tanks. This game is not just reflected the virtual battlefield, and applied real piece of equipment that existed during the second world war. With the help of tanks and self-propelled guns of any of several countries players in computer games can achieve extreme success. With all of this you need to keep in mind that the choice of the tank or self-propelled guns may depend time needed to solve military tasks.

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