More important agreements of the Russian Federation in 2012 for the joint development of military hardware, the creation of joint ventures and technology transfer

The most significant agreement in Russia in 2012 for the joint development of military hardware, the creation of joint ventures and technology transfer

The most promising areas of cooperation with the Russian Federation zabugornom countries is the joint development of weapons and military equipment, the establishment of joint centers for repair, maintenance and promotion of Russian art to the markets of third countries, and programs from the transfer of technology.

Here are 10 more great programs, decisions on which were adopted in 2012. Since the importance of these programs will depend on their particular content filling, place them in the ranking order of importance at the moment does not seem likely.

The following applets is more than 10 large collaborative agreements formed by individual countries. The list includes only the military applets, or applets with military and state component. Purely civilian joint projects are not counted.

The countries with which agreements are listed in alphabetical order.


1. "Russian Technologies" and naikrupneyshy arms manufacturer in Brazil Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia December 14 signed a memorandum of technology partnership.

Collaboration provides for the joint development and joint venture for the production of helicopters, air defense systems, marine engineering and other fronts.

The delegation of the Brazilian company Odebrecht, which is a subsidiary of Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia, on a visit to Moscow on 15-18 October 2012. The negotiation process was fundamentally achieved agreement on a joint venture in Brazil to assemble helicopters Russian production — the first step of the entire line of Mi-171, establishing service center for maintenance of Mi-35M and the development of comprehensive air defense system in the interests of the Brazilian armed forces.

"Rosoboronexport", "Helicopters of Russia" and Odebrecht Defensa e Technologia following talks in October signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding. The company Odebrecht announced its readiness to open a discussion create a strategic technology alliance with the "Russian Technologies".

Cooperation can assume the transfer of technology, creation of joint ventures, subcontracting and other agreements. To co-ordinate co-operation created a joint working group.


2. JSC "Rosoboronexport" together with JSC "NPO" Alloy "and the Office of the Department of Defense Artillery Plant Industry of India Ministry of Defence signed on August 27 in New Delhi memorandum on cooperation in the field of organization on the ground in India manufacturing and after-sales service to MLRS rockets" Twister. "

In accordance with the agreements, the production technology of rockets will be absolutely transferred to establish joint Russian-Indian venture.

3. During the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India on December 24, holding "Helicopters of Russia" signed an agreement to develop a joint venture assembly plant in India helicopters marks "Mi" and "Ka" with the company Elcom Systems Private Limited (comes in the Indian vkladyvatelnoy of SUN Group ).

The joint venture will create a major units and helicopters in the upcoming final assembly machines also conduct both ground and flight tests. It is understood that the operation of the joint venture will start with the production of lightweight aggregates Russian multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T.

The joint venture has become a modern production base for the promotion of products sverhtehnologichny Russian helicopter production in India.

In addition, the joint venture will implement offset projects under various tenders in India, which is involved in the Russian rotorcraft. Holding "Helicopters of Russia" and Elcom Systems also agreed on plans for the joint development of the Helicopter Academy to areas of India for training of pilots and maintenance personnel.


4. "Rosoboronexport" has signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish company "Navantiya" in the International show of naval equipment and armaments "Euronaval 2012".

The agreement was signed in order to determine the ability of the supply and installation of Russian weapons on the ship's platform "Avante" made and promoted by "Navantiya."

Both companies will be working on a product that will result in the integration of Russian enterprises produced weapons systems and components for naval platforms, made "Navantiya" only for the next export to third countries.


5. JSC "Rosoboronexport" and the companies in the group "Finmeccanica" — "SELEX Elsag", "SELEX Galileo" and WASS at the cabin "Farnborough-2012" signed three agreements on cooperation in the development or modernization of patrol aircraft based on Russian aircraft production, equipped communication systems, navigation, and IFF, supplied by the company, "SELEX Elsag," a complex of ATOS, built by "SELEX Galileo," and weapons systems, including light torpedoes, produced by WASS.

The agreements were signed by Alexander Mikheev (Deputy General Director of "Rosoboronexport"), Fabrizio Giuliani (Executive Director of "SELEX Galileo"), Paolo Piccini (CEO "SELEX Elsag") and Renzo Lunardi (Executive Director WASS).

New / upgraded patrol aircraft will be offered to third countries. The aircraft will make a wide range of tasks, including monitoring and control of borders, including maritime, control area navigation patrols as part of operations to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration, surveillance of exclusive economic zones and oil rigs, search and rescue, environmental monitoring and contamination detection.

Paramilitary modifications may also be developed to ensure law and order problems in combating piracy and anti-submarine tasks.

Aircraft type and configuration of the complex will be determined so that a more effective manner to meet the operational requirements put forward by the end user.


6. Under the "Gidroaviasalon-2012" of "Rosoboronexport" and the Italian OMA SUD SpA, a member of the «ATR Group» and a developer and manufacturer of multi-purpose general-purpose aircraft — a single-engine and twin-engine SKYCAR REDBIRD, signed a memorandum of understanding.

The main objective of cooperation is the joint creation of light amphibious aircraft to perform specific tasks of patrolling, and to perform humanitarian tasks and objectives of the dual-purpose on the basis of Russian aircraft made by JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev. "


7. Our homeland and Italy revived cooperative project of low NNS S1000. This boat is not designed for the Navy of the Russian Federation and Italy, and will be offered only to third countries, said the newspaper "Kommersant".

According to a source of "Kommersant", "at the beginning of October in Italy hosted a meeting of the intergovernmental commission, in which the opportunity to open a discussion start this project. In a joint protocol recorded a number of specific measures to promote the S1000 in the markets of third countries. "

As prospective customers referred a number of African states, namely, South A
frica and Egypt.


8. Our homeland and France during the plan year and a half together to create the newest armored vehicle, said at the forum "TVM-2012," Deputy Director of "Rosoboronexport" Igor Sevastyanov.

According to him, "We have a project under the auspices of the Russian-French group for land forces, which I chair. Currently being developed by French-based machine with Russian weapons and Russian tower. The machine should appear in a year and a half. Production is, the model has already been created. "

I.Sevastyanov said that France is also interested in developing together with Russian armored personnel for export to third countries.

South Africa

9. As part of the salon "Farnborough-2012" JSC "Corporation" Irkut "and" Denel Aviation "signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of aviation. The document provides for the parties to work together in promoting the country's South African production of "Irkut": passenger MS-21 training aircraft, the creation on the basis of "Denel Aviation" service center for their repair and maintenance and development of the upcoming industrial cooperation.

The agreement is prolonged in nature, a certain intensification of cooperation between Russia and South Africa in the BRICS organization.

South Africa

10. The company "Denel Aviation" and UIC "Oboroprom" signed a partnership agreement to develop the first center service military and commercial helicopters, Russian production in African countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The contract is in the interests of Russian manufacturers of helicopters, united in the holding company "Helicopters of Russia".

The partnership agreement was signed at the Seventh African interior aerospace and defense industry AAD-2012. Through the partnership, "Denel Aviation" will produce sales of military service and civilian helicopter manufacturing holding company "Helicopters of Russia". In the coming uniformly expanding the range of services on after-sales service, the South African company will produce a complete overhaul of helicopters and aggregate equipment of Russian manufacture.

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