More than 100 people were killed by landslides in Bangladesh

The number of dead in Bangladesh by landslides caused by strong monsoon rains, more than 100 people in the disaster area had about 250,000 people, said on Wednesday the Indian edition poster DNA.

Previously reported 76 dead.

According to media reports, the hardest hit three districts in the south-east of the country — Chittagong, Bandarban and Cox's Bazar. Strong monsoon rains do not stop here for five days. Mudslides washed away houses, destroying farm buildings.

Forecasters warn that in the next few days, heavy rains may continue. In the southeast, Bangladesh interrupted rail and air links. Army units and police and fire services are moved to the disaster area.

Bangladesh during the monsoon from June to September. While landslides caused by rains, often claimed dozens of lives. Thus, in June 2010 the victims of rampant floods in some areas in the south-eastern part of the country were more than 50 people.

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