More than 100 tornadoes marched through central U.S. states

About 100 tornadoes marched through central U.S. states 14 and 15 April 2012. Only in Oklahoma, 29 people were injured and five were killed. One hospital and many homes destroyed, hundreds of thousands of people temporarily without electricity. Meteorologists warn the public about the threat is not a tornado in the area from southern Texas to northern Michigan.

Storm is part of the enormous size of the cyclone, which Meteorological Center in Norman warned long before the tornado went over Oklahoma. Considered unusual that the Centre began to warn people about tornadoes, life-threatening, in advance — more than a day. At the peak of storm activity tornado developed so suddenly that it was difficult for people to react. By dawn received at least 97 reports of tornadoes.

Representatives of the emergency services, who began a search operation immediately after the event, reported a 5 dead in 12000th in Woodward, Oklahoma. 29 people came to the hospital, five of whom are in a life-threatening condition. Mayor Woodward shared experience, saying that if the Shabbat siren announcing the tornado could be heard clearly, then Sunday he had not heard at all. Volunteers from the Red Cross to help rescue workers remove victims from the wreckage. In addition, the city sent trucks with beds, full of food, medicine and hygiene. Temporary shelter for those whose homes have been destroyed, it was the structure of the church, and was sent to help.

In addition to the Oklahoma tornado outbreak of lightning, hail and heavy rain were reported in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. In the western and central regions of Kansas tornado passed about 10, many of them in rural areas. The city suffered from a tornado Uichitto plants "Boeing" and the Air Force base. Severe damage had been inflicted mobile home park. According to preliminary calculations district in which is located Uichitto, suffered a loss of not less than 283 million dollars. In Iowa, severe damage occurred in the western part of the city Thurman. The hospital Creston tornado demolished the roof and broke a lot of windows, but fortunately no one was hurt.


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