Mudflows caused flooding in Nepal

In the western part of Nepal in helmets because of debris flows in the River Network flooding occurred. Dozens of people living along the banks of the river were washed away along with their houses, farm buildings and livestock. Three miraculously managed to pull right out of the water. Destroyed bridges, damaged agricultural crops. Many people are reported missing, and in the list, three Russian tourists come and see the mountain Nepal. At the moment their names disclosed.

Rescue workers and local residents in search of drowning in a flood. Harapani, Kaski district, Nepal. May 5, 2012.

Of sunken bodies were recovered fourteen victims. The search began near Mount Annapurna, which caused landslides and flooding. There is evidence that water spilled mountain river network reached the tourist resort of Pokhara, 200 km from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Area, where the Annapurna, is very popular among tourists. As a rule, the season hits in May already ends trackers in the mountains there is little that of course, reduced the potential number of victims. However, the victims of the local community can be a large number, as the river network — the only source of water in the region, and almost all villages are on its banks.In discussing the causes of the disaster, experts say that global warming is slightly involved in the incident. Rather, the role played by the fact that the elevation in the Himalayas are too high (from the 1st to 7500 km), which is very good for the Avalanche, especially when the temperature increases.Source:

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