Muraveva policy in Belarus is someone to continue


Listener Freedom
discusses the situation that prevailed in the country on the eve of the presidential campaign, and expresses his thoughts:

"Politicians are wondering whether there is a possibility of another rapprochement between Minsk and Brussels. Would it have this convergence? There was a trick to get loans. When the President makes his special forces training pack on the field, where they hung out for a lot of white-red-white flags — the so- accidentally saw a man who was calling you.'s what cynicism! already is preparing for a presidential election. Where's rapprochement with European values? Lukashism — a special and very dangerous phenomenon, not only for Belarus. But Mr. Lukashenko understands that without Moscow win the election he will be difficult. And along with the antics of the Kremlin, he continues to hit at the heart of belarushchyny. Just eliminated dozens of schools with Belarusian language of instruction, more of the rural primary schools, where most kids absorbed the Belarusian since childhood. Very quickly entered the lessons of Orthodox culture in schools. Can and will appreciate it in the Kremlin — Muraveva policy in Belarus have someone to continue. Dear opposition, well, still find the strength for a single candidate. On this week Milinkevich responded to the call of the Freedom prosperous life in Belarus. Said simply, clearly, logically, concisely. Generally, Milinkevich mathematical mind. This is a politician who is well aware of the responsibility to the people of Belarus. "

This call says analyst Yuri Chausov:

Yuri Chausov

"Media coverage of the processes that are taking place in opposition, scandalous. Press interested in scandals, saying that the opposition can not unite, oh, what a bad opposition.

The fact that a single candidate — this is not a sacred cow. This palittehnalyagichny element in specific scenarios. At this point, when the opposition has no unified approach to these elections, then there is no single scenario.

A certain part of the opposition sees as a threat that popular indignation in this election can be inspired by and used by external forces to strengthen in Belarus is even more pro-Russian regime is even more pro-Russian candidate. This is due to the fact that there is no single approach to this election, there is no single candidate. "

A lot of calls actually had to listeners who are asked to stop the program "August with Larissa Heniyush", citing the fact that the audience is supposedly not interested and poet still no one knows.

"I was not surprised that the Belarusian accountant had not heard about Larissa Heniyush. Sure that the accountant had not heard about and Yevgeny Yevtushenko, and about Fyodor Dostoevsky and even more so. This is the accountant and voted for a presidential candidate, which today, after 16 years of the state, have not yet figured out who this Francis Skoryna. "

Our Listenerand listened attentively to the transfer of "How Larissa Heniyush cooking" and then compared the economic condition of the country with the current.

"Look I'm talking about cooking ability Larissa Heniyush and some recipes suggested by her. When she lived in Zelva she could prepare for these recipes. If you could make me personally and to many of our seniors had to prepare for these recipes, third components, we would not have found in our stores, and even if they found the prices — sky-high. Our seniors are fed poorly and of poor quality, so many sick. Immediately after the war, were fed better than now. Cod fish was considered for the poor, in the shops it was a lot. recipe was very simple : fish in Greek. Now it is available, it is a fairy tale. Icelandic herring, anchovy — it's all simple products. A saltisons of the easiest products. are endless — now it is unattainable. Conclusion: Develop individual farming. implanted to the village to people did not seek the cities, then the Bug all the food — and the townspeople and villagers. "

One of our listener Elderly draws attention to the fact of what cultural tell from the screens Belarusian audience.

"It was in Jurmala, in August 1990. Hotel" Jurmala. "I was sitting in the lobby when the couple sat down next to me. This was Choi and girl, they are very misused. After Choi jumped up, ran to the playground, sat in a pink" Moskvich "and left. Through the large glass all was well in sight. The road in Jurmala narrow and winding, and brought somewhere. How would Zhyglov, have time to deal with their women. So on August 15 showed ONT concert for the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Choi. This Korean boy singing in Russian, sang well, but has not acquired international fame. Next ONT is going to show the transfer of the 75th anniversary of the Russian artist Tabakova, and on August 9 to centennial birthday wise and talented Belarusian Larissa Heniyush ANT showed nothing, and probably will not show. "

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