Muscovites risk to fail over time. Continued Part 2

Pioneers caught leshego

According to police reports, in a voice ravine people disappeared repeatedly. And the stories of the men of hairy creatures rise of 2.5 meters continued to haunt the minds of local residents. Even in Soviet times, there were rumors that they have been repeatedly seen in the surrounding gardens. In 1926, in one of the newspapers even published an article titled "The Pioneers caught devil." Perhaps in our time, such material would be called "Students caught" Bigfoot. "Very much it fits the descriptions.

This stone is said to be so miraculous that specialists in women's health will soon write to him directions

It seems that since 1926, of a "temporary failure" no longer crashed and it does not fail. Is it permanently closed, no one knows. But the stones and then visited by physicists, fans of paranormal phenomena. They found that near the boulders electromagnetic radiation exceeds the norm by more than 27 times. And talk, as if at the time of measuring a physicist raised in the air at 2.5 m, and then slumped to the ground. But, according to the recollections of farmers accidents, it is this growth were the mysterious hairy creature!
Ufologists claim that over a ravine often appear UFO and esoteric believe that the stones — the mystical crystals associated with the cosmos.
Now ravine at abnormal stones — a favorite vacation spot of Muscovites. In "temporary failure" make their Games "tolkinisty" and "roleviki", hold seminars esoterica, Buddhists meditate. Lovers come here to tie the ribbon and to strengthen their relationship, and quarreling — to make peace.
The faithful walk past the stones in the temple and is considered a "route" saint. According to legend, rode George, carrying the news of his victory over the serpent. And one of the stones is very similar to the two-meter horseshoe, covered with scales.

How to get to the library?

Located in a ravine near the Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist for two centuries various enthusiasts have tried to search the library of Ivan the Terrible. And in the 80 years of the last century at the altar under one of the plates found loose sand. Under the sand were white stone steps, and above them — a set of the underground passage. Had broken one and a half meters deep, the restorers decided to secure the find and put the iron door. But the night unknown attackers knocked castles and dug a few meters. Then the hole from sin and filled with concrete poured on top. Now the church is being restored again. It is possible that the experts will try to get into the underground passage. Suddenly he is in fact leads to the library?

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