Mysteries of the Belarusian welfare

Whether the government will fulfill the promise to provide year-end average salary of 500 dollars? How does the Belarusian quality of life compared to other countries? What role does the Belarusian social equality?

On these topics in the "Prague accent 'reasoning: economist Michael Zaleski, columnist "Belarusians and Market" Constantine Skuratovich and teacher of the European Humanities University Alexei Pikulik.

Michael Zaleski

Zaleski: In contrast, those who said that the government will not make the $ 500 paycheck, I always said that would make a thousand, if ordered … In 1994, we produced 3.9 GDP per ruble ruble salary, and now — 3.1 … The coefficient differences between rich and poor has grown three times ….

Constantine Skuratovich

Skuratovich: To fulfill this promise, it is necessary to end the year up 17% to raise the productivity of labor. It's unreal … I would not compare with Ukraine, Belarus, and with Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states … Of all the administrative units have lately population increases only in Minsk …

Alexei Pikulik

Pikulik: In international rankings, when compared to Belarus with Eastern Europe, the situation is not so bad … In the absence of a large bundle of Belarus between rich and poor means that in the majority of all poor … Equality to a certain extent creates passivity and lack of desire for new opportunities.

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