Mysterious C-500: see details

Mysterious C-500: see details

By completely understandable reasons data on the prepared anti-aircraft missiles S-500 while not very much. It’s totally understandable, because even under development and bulk details secretive, well, part of design work is not yet complete. Yet, some aspects of the project are already known, that allows you to make your guesses and conclusions. Try to collect all appear in the public domain information on the C-500.

First mention of the development of new anti-aircraft missile complex 5th generation relate to 2002 and 2003 data. Then it became clear that NGOs «Diamond» held preparatory assessment relevant characteristics promising SAM. Naturally, while the details of the overall access has not got that, but did not prevent the professionals start to build your own guesses on the subject. Active work on the draft of the future of C-500 began in 2003. Then on the «diamonds» began to work out the form of a promising SAM «clean copy.» About a year later the same engineers research and production association started the schematic design of the new complex.
Here and there at the same time were initiated two sets of research works with ciphers «Lord» and «autocrat.» First step of this work was completed in 2005, the year. Follow 2006 went to other study, tests, etc., the details of which, for obvious reasons hitherto secret. But some administrative decisions this year became public. So, specifically in 2006, there was an offer Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government to grant NGOs «Diamond» status head developer promising SAM. In late February 2007, the proposal was enshrined suitable Resolution MIC.

Already in a new status of both of the following, the NGO «Almaz», renamed in 2008 GSKB concern «Almaz-Antey», continued all the necessary research on the theme of «The Lord of the TP». By the end of 2008, the press began to appear first posts now on the development of C-500 and the first of 2009, it was announced officially. At the same time received official proof and C-500 index. Noteworthy that in 2009 became very wealthy in announcements of promising anti-aircraft missiles. So, in the middle of this year, it was reported that anti-aircraft missile 40N6 designed for C-500, ready for testing. In addition, according to unverified disk imaging, in the same year and began tests, but formal proof or refutation of this was not followed.

Mysterious C-500: see details
77P6 launcher chassis BAZ-69096 from the S-500 (treated with a poster with a sketch showing armored Bronnitsi, 10.06.2011, reproduction — Muxel,, http :/ /

From that time to this day most of the news did not concern the technical details of C-500, but plans for the creation and the similar things. Namely, in 2011 more than once said that the most recently begin construction immediately 2-plants, which concern «Almaz-Antey» will build a new air defense system. Completion of construction works is planned for 2015, from which it can draw the appropriate conclusions about the timing of deployment of large-scale production of the S-500. Yet, the production capacity of the concern «Almaz-Antey» allow start new SAM: preparation before. At the same time, enterprises are now available so loaded creation of S-400, which to start new plants, they hardly have time to make something besides prototype C-500. Because it looks more possible subsequent developments up to the end of construction of new plants «Almaz-Antey» produces an experimental batch of anti-aircraft missile systems S-500 and spends their tests. Tests and finishing last until 2015, when the factory will be commissioned, then their will be established to create new systems.

In light of the construction of new plants and the current plans for the beginning of mass production look quite exciting plans put forward earlier. So, at the beginning of work on the C-500 testing begins often attributed to the 2010. As shown, these estimates were a little misleading. In fact, in 2010, were prepared models of the systems and completed the bulk of design work. Yet, in January 2011, the commander of cosmic forces Gen. A. Ostapenko said early trials of some parts of the system and the start of a promising prototype production. So makarom if all test work will be without any special problems, the system S-500 will be ready in about a year 2014-15. Preparedness perceive it into service.

As to plans for mass production, it is clear from open sources on the plan for the 10 divisions to be produced until 2020. Perhaps after a designated period of creation will continue and new C-500 will serve some time on the shoulder with shoulder-400. A small note on the S-400: a number of sources mentioned that the first batch of S-500 can be manufactured with the extensive use of the real part and developments of C-400. As it is true — is unclear, but there are some reasons to believe that at current production capabilities Concern «Almaz-Antey» hardly be able to make real C-500 once already ordered C-400. Yet, wait and see.

Mysterious C-500: see details
Some means of air defense missile systems S-500 — top-down: launcher 77P6, 96L6-1 radar, radar 77T6, 76T6 radar, command and control point or 55K6MA 85ZH6-2 (treated with poster MilitaryRussia.Ru sketch show with armored Bronnitsi, 10.06.2011, reproduction — Muxel,,

Left to tell about available disk imaging composition and abilities promising complex. Statements of military control of the country, it follows that the C-500, continuing complex C-400 trend, will be called upon to fight and with aerodynamic and ballistic targets. For this complex, in the midst of the rest, it will be necessary to have a decent radar target detection and tracking. Thus, analysts portal Military Russia tipped to this «post» radar «MARS» (Functional Adaptive Radar Station). This station is able to find both aerodynamic and ballistic targets and is applicable for use in anti-aircraft missiles. At very likely act in the range of 3000 km radar «Mars» with a probability of the order of 0.9-0.95 able to find a ballistic missile at a range of over 2000 km, and its warhead (effective scattering surface of about 0.1 square meters) — at a distance of 1300 -1400 km. For aerodynamic purposes, regardless of their EPR detection range of approximately the same, although in a number of all sorts of cases they can be significantly more marked right up above 3 thousand kilometers.

It is expected that the complex S-500 will be approximately the composition of its predecessors: the machine with launchers, three or four cars with different types of radar and various purposes, machine control, freight-loading, etc. It is expected that all complex machines will be made on the basis of special Multiwheel chassis production Bryansk auto plant. More affordable for use in C-500 models look chassis BAZ-69096 (10×10), BAZ-6909-022 (8×8) and BAZ-69092-012 (6×6). All these chassis have similar appearance and partially mate assembly. In addition, all of them connects voedinyzhdy the fact that the two front axle made manageable. Payload listed chassis is in the range of 14 tons (BAZ-69092-012) to 33 tons (BAZ-69096). Bryanskiye chassis has proven to be a good base for technology for various purposes. For example, S-400 are set on the basis of specific machines with index «BAZ».

Mysterious C-500: see details
Experienced standard chassis BAZ-69096 on display technology Bronnitsi, 10.06.2011 (photo — Muxel,,

Composition missile, specifically certain types and their properties, while unidentified. Because in some sources and analytical articles found outlook on the likely absence of the complex S-500 short-and medium-range missiles. Yet, the absence of any disk imaging such munitions can read and that the customer and the developer decided not to create them specifically for the C-500, and to borrow from already delivered a series of S-400. Per other missiles for S-500 open disk imaging unavailable. There are only guesses varying degrees of reliability. Will impose, design and testing work will soon reach a stage where you can share information with the public about rockets.

Now the most freshest news on the development of anti-aircraft missile system S-500 is a message about his alleged title. Thus, just before it was reported that the C-500 will be called «Prometheus». Noteworthy that earlier as a verbal name for the C-500 offers «Triumphant-M», «autocrat» and «Lord.» It is easy to see that the last two options are coming up to the name of scientific research that preceded the actual development of the complex. Also, not so long ago, it became clear the timing closure design works on the C-500. They are expected to be completed this year, but the real test of the most experienced standard S-500 will begin in the first half of 2013 or a little later.

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