Mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica

When the workers of United Fruit Company began clearing the jungle of Costa Rica to plant bananas in 1930, they found strange objects.

John Hoopes of the University of Kansas, a professor of anthropology and director of global research programs stone spheres. Photo courtesy of John Hoopes.

They met with numerous stone sphere lying in the middle of the jungle, some of them were quite large. The first information about the spheres were obtained in the 19th century. Since it was discovered a few new such areas.

The appointment of the spheres and their creators is still open.

John Hoopes of the University of Kansas, who has studied the stone spheres, said that virtually all known areas have been shifted from their original places, and some are blown up by treasure hunters. The only way to learn about the establishment of the spheres — the date of their stratigraphic context (determining the age of objects in the surrounding soil layer), as no written records in the history of them is encountered.

Next to some of the stones were found pottery culture Aguas Buenas (age from 200 BC to 800 AD). Other areas are found in the graves with gold ornaments, dating from around 1000 BC

Hoopes said on its website that "the spheres could be made at any time during the 1800-year period. The first sphere is likely to set up in a few generations, it seems that they have been moved. "

"Many people found the scope laid out in a certain order, in the form of straight lines, but are also found in the form of triangles and parallelograms — said Hoopes. — One group of four balls was laid out in a line, oriented to magnetic north. This suggests that the spheres were created by people who are familiar with the use of magnetic compasses and involved astronomical observations. "

"Unfortunately, all of the spheres, but a few, have been displaced from their original locations, and therefore will not be able to determine the exact date of their creation," — said Hoopes on its Web site.

Areas of origin remains a mystery. Was made a number of assumptions. Local legends say that the ancient people had a special composition, softening stone. Some have suggested that the original assets were created in Atlantis and then moved, were nominated for the version of the creation of spheres of aliens.

However, despite the large number of fields found, the purpose and time of their creation are unknown.


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