Mystery of Black Holes

Black holes can not be detected by simple observation — for their explicitness can be set only by the impact they emit by extraneous objects for them, or else the x-ray radiation.

The observations referred to as binary stars, which appear as a single telescope, gave reason to believe that an invisible second double is precisely the black hole. I'd like to emphasize that the stars of the pair are placed close to one another, so that the mass, which is not visible "sucked" substances with a visible star in this absorbing it. By the way, read the horror stories about space you can online

Members of the Institute were changing the parameters of motion of our galaxy more than six years. Before determining the speed of the stars. And as it turns out, are moving at a faster rate the stars that are closer to the constellation of Sagittarius, at the time it is in this area was determined by the largest number of black holes.

Single hole, the size of which is much less than the solar system can determine the fate of entire clusters of galaxies. No one has ever looked into the abyss from which grows the flow of energy from the black hole. Under pressure from the formation of bubbles of hot gas, as the growth of the cleavage. This is what influences the health of living organisms. Under the influence of the black hole is erased while. Scientists are struggling with the evidence already scientifically — recorded fact, about how people get into another dimension, and then tell unexplained things. Travelling in a temporary space in the following way: When a person falls in the gravitational radius, he can see the "new" universe.

Recent studies, however, have shown that such transitions occur in very rare cases. And keep these places open-hole course is desirable away. No one knows where and when to throw it returns back.

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