Mystery of the election

September 7 begins an extraordinary session of the House of Representatives. MPs will discuss the draft national budget and the social security fund for the year 2011, changes in the Tax and Budget Codes. The designation of the date of the next presidential election is tentatively of the session there.

The date for the presidential elections in accordance with the Belarusian legislation appoints only the House of Representatives. But so far none of the Chamber of consultation to the Central Election Commission did not address. This was "Radio Liberty" said the CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik. He added that earlier in such cases, deputies usually consulted with experts CEC.

And the leadership of the Central Election Commission now plans primarily related to international operations, said Mr. Lozowick:

"On the this week Chairman of the Central Election Commission Lidia Yermoshina flies to Georgia. There will be another conference of the Association of European elections. Next week I plan to participate in a conference on elections to be held in Austria. So we have our own plans. "

Analyst Alexander Klaskouski, with whom we spoke before the opening of the session describes the situation as follows:

"There are two, grandmother wondered because the Belarusian authorities and the like, and prickly. Strained relations with Moscow are pushing to ensure that the still earlier, before the New Year, to hold an election. But at the same power, and the first person personally afraid appear weak. And if you move the date of the election, it could have resonance among the electorate. pier, the supreme leader was afraid of something.

Although in general I think tayamnichasts — a style of the Belarusian authorities. You may recall how secretly Belarus joined the Customs Union "troika". And so on September 7 and may be the most unexpected solutions. "

According to the law, members can actually set a date for the election today. Suffice it to any of them propose to include in the agenda this issue, and if it is supported by other colleagues, the House will have to address this problem.

Election shall be no later than 5 months before the end of the incumbent head of state …

The deputies explained hold a special session requests Alexander Lukashenko expressed in the annual address. Like, they can not do without the adoption of new laws. Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Fuel and Energy Complex, Transport, Communications and Entrepreneurship Sergei Semashko notes:

"Taking the Budget Act, for example, in December, we create intolerable conditions for many in including business entities and local executive authorities. As a result, local councils are forced to make their budgets at the fastest pace. And this is the most maximum murmur with the entrepreneurs and business entities.

In addition, those regulations adopted in the development of tax laws, although instruction on taxes is even later, sometime in February. "

This underlines Mr. Semashko a negative impact on the economic entities and finally causes fines which then have long to understand.

"Elections shall be appointed no later than 5 months before the end of the acting head of state, and shall be held no later than two months.'s Where it came from and the date — February 6, 2011" — said the secretary of the Central Election Commission.


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