NAC has reported on the results of counterterrorist activities in 2012

First deputy managing office of the State Counterterrorism Committee (NAK), Lieutenant-General Yevgeny Ilyin reported to the success in the fight against terrorism.

According to him, the current year in the North Caucasus identified and destroyed 380 bases used bandits seized more than 1,000 guns, over 120 thousand rounds of ammunition and more tons of explosives.

He noted that in the course of special operations arrested 479 militants and their supporters, including some leaders of the cells of international terrorist organizations.

"Prevented 78 attempts to commit the crimes of terrorist nature, found and eliminated nearly 400 equipped with improvised explosive devices that have been prepared to conduct terrorist activity" — highlighted Ilyin.

He said that the number of terrorist acts in the Russian Federation, "in turn is decreasing."

"In 2009, there were 1030, in 2010 — 779, and in 2011 — 365," — said a representative of the NAC.

Eugene Ilyin noted that in the current year on the terrain of the North Caucasus neutralized criminal activity 313 members of bandit groups, "including 43 gang leaders, among which the emissary" Al-Qaeda ", the coordinator of the bandit underground in Dagestan, the leaders of illegal armed groups in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, as well as referred to as the leaders of Makhachkala, Khasavyurt and other bandit groups ".

The representative of the NAC also said that in Russian schools will teach framework to counter terrorism and extremism. The new course is designed NAC, together with the Ministry of Defence and is already included in the standard of general education in the subject, "The base of life safety." Section on counter-terrorism recommended that the textbooks on life safety for the fifth, seventh, ninth, 10th and 11th grades.

Among other things, according to Ilyin, the new rate must inspire the children that you can not solve the puzzles by violence.

In his own speech, Eugene Ilyin also revealed that NAC has calculated more 500 Russian websites of terrorist and extremist that are registered abroad. These web sites are not covered Russian legislation. According to him, the web comes from the most severe threat of terrorist ideology.

We add the successes in the fight against terrorism and illegal armed groups said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic of Lieutenant-General Ruslan Alkhanov at a meeting of the governing bodies and the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic on October 17, led by President Ramzan Kadyrov.

According Alkhanov in 2012 on the territory of Chechnya as a result of operative-investigative, operational and combat activities 80 detained, slope to surrender 6 and destroyed by armed resistance to 35 participants and accomplices armed groups.

In addition, found and eliminated 39 caches with weapons and ammunition, and 6 bases of illegal armed groups, illegal trafficking of confiscated 124 firearms units and about 11 thousand units of various munitions, 196 shells, mines and roadside bombs, and 10 improvised explosive devices and 415 kg explosives. Identified and disclosed 85 102 crimes related to illegal armed groups or roles in their organization.

Alahanov also noted that the country has markedly reduced the number of crimes committed. Thus, according to him, the most serious crimes committed by 26 percent less compared with the same period last year, homicides — 29 percent smaller and more than twice reduced the number of attacks on the lives of law enforcement officers.

In turn, Ramzan Kadyrov, thanked the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the achieved positive results, but noted that "even such statistics should not satisfy us." He called on the management of law enforcement agencies and departments to further strengthen the work of finding and neutralizing the remnants of illegal armed groups.

"According to the data, they are not more four or five 10-s man — said Ramzan Kadyrov. — It is necessary to do everything possible so that evil was ended once and for all. "

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