Named the best platoon Airborne

Named the best platoon Airborne

The results of the competition Airborne Airborne platoon championship on battle training, which took place on the basis of 331 Guards Airborne Regiment 98 Guards Airborne Division (Kostroma).

The best recognized by two platoons of 98 Airborne Division: platoon 217th Parachute Regiment (commander — Senior Lt. A. Goryunkov) and 331st Parachute (Lt. P. Rodin). 2nd place went to platoon Lieutenant Alexander Lobanov 76 Air Assault Division. Third place went to the military 7 Mountain Division (Novorossiysk), under the command of Lieutenant S.Romanova. The program included a competition next exercise: execution of unit standards on the main subjects battle training — airborne, tactical, fire, engineering, physical fitness, NBC, driving airborne combat vehicles, etc.

Checking the training of commanders and units of coherence was assessed by the personnel of the equipment platoon Fri reference and organization of defense, target practice the exercises of the BMD-2, RPG-7, small tools, tests on driving BMD-2 in complex terrain criteria.

The overall results were summed up under the Commission acting chief battle Airborne training Colonel Igor Kulchenko result by the total accumulated points at every step competitions.

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