Nanovoyna: the scale of the danger

Most modern professionals converges at the outlook that nanotechnology will determine the type of the XXI century. This concept is not uncommon for most of us. Since the mid-1990s, it is used mostly to refer to manipulate at the atomic and molecular level ("molecular nanotechnology"). Nanotechnology is of course now would require a fundamental configurations in efforts to ensure public safety and would entail structural changes in the content of military affairs in the art of war. We present our readers the material prepared by Ivan Chichikov, a professional Russian strategic community made by the Club of graduates of the Military Institute of foreign languages.

Nanogonka started

The development of nanotechnology affects all aspects of the armed forces — from fighter gear and small tools to gallakticheskih devices and complex military systems. First, the use of new technology went out and brought in the available types of weapons and technology, significantly improving their performance and multifunctional properties. They will allow you to create unique structural materials, new semiconductors and optics, small sensors detect chemical substances and biological weapons components, and computers, the performance of which is several orders higher than that of the existing … In addition, an important role for the armed forces will play a sharp drop in prices, also reduce the weight of devices and products made with the introduction of nanotechnology, reducing their energy consumption.

The emergence of molecular nanotechnology available separately taken country is able to change the geopolitical balance of power on the planet in his favor more radical, if the emergence of nuclear weapons in the United States. "He who formerly was overcome nanotechnology, will take a leading role in the technosphere of the next century" — a forecast of the "father of the hydrogen bomb" Edward Teller.

Of course, in the interest of the country's pioneer in this field will not be easy to keep, and the increment is very possible technological lead over competitors by providing the ability to become the sole owner of molecular nanotechnology. That's why to get the unattainable advantages winner nanogonki will do its utmost to conceal their own leadership.

High quality revolution in military affairs will happen with the development of complex self-replicating systems, including those operated by the totality of the universal micro-and nano-robots.
Under the nano-robots (nanobots) experts at understanding the molecular machine that can be programmed to build virtually any structure or device (including its own copy) of the more common chemical structure of units (atoms and molecules), and to perform other complex multi-tasks at the micro — and nanoscale. Simply put, the nanorobot — a device sub-micron dimensions.

Storm nanorobots

According to a number of professionals already in 2025 — 2030 years will change in the military-political situation in the world in connection with the emergence of nano-robots.

In 1-x, will miniaturization of weapons systems, the emergence of the "invisible" guns and "obezlyudivanie" of the army and the military-industrial complex.
In-2, has revealed the lack of competitiveness of other types of weapons before nanoweapon, nuclear tool lose its value as a deterrent or strategic advantages, nanobots will replace the classic weapons in all military branches.
B-3, there will be virtually unlimited ability to conduct overexploitation of the arms race.
B-4, there will be new opportunities to the beginning of World War II.

Produced on the basis of molecular nanotechnology kinds of weapons will be used in all military operations or the operations of the future, as they allow you to use a wide range of physical phenomena and effects. New weapons will be associated with both classical methods (explosive action, heat, kinetic impact force), and with very new approaches based on the use of electric beams of radiation exposure (the creation of thermal, mechanical or electronic overload), the information attack on artificial systems or people, chemical and biological effects on materials and organisms.

According to the destructive power of nanotechnology surpasses nuclear weapon repeatedly — it can almost be sterilized planetoid, ie one hundred per cent kill the biosphere of the Earth, right up to the germs and viruses.
The emergence of molecular nanotechnology not only change the nature of warfare, and will create new opportunities to advance. From the middle of the last century, the world was based on a strategy of mutual assured destruction with nuclear weapons. With the advent of molecular nanotechnology will have a losing significance of nuclear weapons as a factor of mutual deterrence or strategic advantages, because nanotechnology devices will be capable of fighting for a little time to find a skylight and covertly disable all the elements of the nuclear shield of the enemy.

Nanotechnology arms race will inevitably lead to world war impermanence. Significant an advantage of the 1st country in the development of nanoweapon able to push his administration to take a decision on the application unresponsive blow to its possible opponents in order to minimize the risk of those molecular nanotechnology.

In a certain sense, the strategy pre-emptive strike is only applicable for the wars nanoepohi. In U.S. military circles firmly entrenched view that the preservation of scientific and technological gap in the United States of molecular nanotechnology will claim frisky and destructive war, which will overcome the one who knocks first.

An additional motive for the use of offensive strategy is the fact that nanosredstva defense must be more sophisticated than nanosredstva attack.

The goal — a man

Modern armed conflict initially is opposition economies. Now to win the war rather kill military industry, communication, military equipment.

In the era of molecular nanotechnology to kill the means of production and nanotech enemy will actually feasible — even after significant damage and material losses will be super-fast self-recovery of the economy and nanoruzhiya. Such criteria of war people will be the most vulnerable point, because nanoudar will focus first on manpower.

As a means to combat nanorobots are in the public media (atmosphere, land surface, on buildings, structures, machinery), may be offered a set of measures of varying degrees of effectiveness: from flamethrowers and heavy duty directional electrical pulse to nanorobots interceptor.
But nanorobots, trapped in a human body are virtually unattainable for most defenses because infected "carrier" will be destroyed before it penetrated into his body combat nanodevices will be cured. This fact is an additional argument for the use of nano-devices as a high priority weapon against enemy personnel.

What are the ability to use molecular nanotechnology to destroy or incapacitate enemy personnel (including not only the people, and any other live organisms or artificially made Biosystems)?

This is the first direct settlement with the introduction of folk remedies macroscopic damaging effects (bombs, explosions, large jumps in temperature and pressure). The improvement of such funds by molecular nanotechnology could mean not only an increase in technical characteristics (materials, methods for establishing, transportation and management), and the development of a fundamentally new approaches, including the ability t
o form the most damaging weapon in the merits of the target.

It is also likely to develop a fundamentally new means of influence on live organisms — for example the introduction of a plurality of microdevices that can clog or "besiege" the face, nose, throat and eyes. Other microdevices can "block" your fingers, hands or feet, etc.

Becomes probable modification of old times or the creation of new types of chemical and biological substances damaging acts, including by means of an injection of synthetic or hybrid insects.
In addition, it may be defeated by penetrating into the body of microscopic devices that are capable of self-renewal in the upcoming.

Beware nanokillery!

For large-scale and high-precision military action against enemy personnel significant interest are the micro-and nanorobots that can be latent in the body, "the media" this time and wake on.

The achievements in mikrorobototehnike allow now to create devices for local diversions, first for the physical destruction of the higher management of the enemy. Also likely option introduction into the body of dignitaries nanorobots — "killer-embryos" — for the next exposure to the "media" and, specifically, to his blackmail.

"Killer-embryo" is a device for the introduction of a secretive organism Property destruction. The simple design such a mechanism — an independent source of power, manipulators, propulsion, communications system and nanocapsules with a highly toxic substance. By signal (can be transmitted from the remote control via radio, satellite, etc.) capsule toxin opened and "carrier" dies.

Another great promise for making "undiagnosed murder" opens the implementation of more complex and functional nano-robots. The presence of such nanomachines developed manipulators capable of mechanically destroy individual cells of important concepts, will allow to influence the critical parts of the nervous system, the organism causing the death of "the media". For example, the defeat of the center of breath or palpitations in the medulla oblongata will mimic human death from an asthma attack or sudden cardiac arrest.

The main feature of the "killer-embryos" in that they can be actuated at a given time and under strictly defined criteria. We are talking about the guaranteed destruction of the object of attack, delayed for a fixed term.

Marked ability nanoweapon allow advance, secretly and painstakingly prepare for a large-scale invasion — simultaneously destroying infected "carriers", for example only in local zones of military facilities of the enemy, in the headquarters, control centers, political and administrative centers. These nanobots will swiftly and perfectly affect people, including a number of serving the nuclear tool, well as those at the highest level decision-makers about its application.

Invasion itself will have a preventive nature, that is guaranteed to eliminate the possibility of a retaliatory strike the enemy as nanoweapon and folk remedies.

Of course, the priority candidates for the role of the nanotechnological attacks will become representatives of senior municipal management of the enemy, the main figures of special services and law enforcement agencies, representatives of the legislative and judicial branches, the economic elite, etc.

Giving the mechanism of genetic targeting nanodevices will allow to program such nanobot to perform those or other actions depending on the genetic structure of the DNA of the organism in which it was placed. The presence of nano-robots similar function opens virtually limitless capacity for the creation of the latest generation of ethnic instruments.

Prospects for the coming

In 2003, experts at the U.S. Space Agency NASA fundamentally justified the possibility of creating "kinematic self-replicating cellular automata." The report of the study indicated that self-machines may be no more difficult than the existing chip Pentium IV, and the creation of the first self-replicating nanodevices according to preliminary estimates will take about 20 years.

According to open-source disk imaging it is clear that in the world today has made 10's multi-functional micro-, nano-devices and components for nanorobots. In the framework of governmental and non-governmental organizations officially initiated and carried out projects for various nuances of the development of molecular nanotechnology.

The prospect of the introduction of micro-, nano-devices in medicine is the subject of public debate. The declared purpose of the first generation of medical nanorobots — point delivery of pharmaceuticals and cleaning the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits. In the leading countries of the world have developed the first samples of micro-and nano-devices for the operation specifically in the human body.

Made in one of the Australian Institute of honey Microrobots length of 0.25 mm has an autonomous source of energy, friendly camera, the communication system can carry other payloads, and is capable of completely arbitrary travel inside the human body.

So Makar, now there is a real techno opportunity for the use of specialized bots micron and sub-millimeter sizes with a given set of multi-function capabilities for the successful execution of specific tasks (intelligence, carrying out "targeted sabotage", an organization of local bio attacks, etc.).

In the field of nanotechnology is indisputable lead the United States of America. Similar projects are also included in the EU, China, Israel, South Korea, Australia and some other countries. Gaining momentum is the direction of the military and technological development in Russia. And it can not be underrated, as it is fraught with the threat of the emergence of unprecedented danger newest national security of our country.

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