NASA is working on starting system gallakticheskih devices horizontal launched

Engineers Gallakticheskogo Center. Kennedy (USA) proposed a fine-forgotten latest concept gallakticheskih launch vehicles.

Konusnovidny apparatus, equipped with air-breathing engines, should soar after an independent or on a jet skids off run on electrified rails. Reaching a speed of 11 thousand km / h (M10) in the upper atmosphere apparatus fires a small container (similar to the second stage of the launch vehicle), then goes into orbit.

Project Manager Stan Starr notes that system does not ask for the development of new technologies. "All the elements have already been made or tested — says the scientist. — We offer a draw from their use at a highest level in comparison with where they currently apply. "

For example, electrified rails far not the first year of moving trailers roller coaster. The difference only in that their largest speed only just approaching 100 km / h It is enough to entertain a wimp, but start gallakticheskogo machine will claim very little tenfold growth rate. In addition, the length of the runway, equipped in such a booster device must exceed three miles.

Fortunately, work is already under way. Mock-ups (though on a smaller scale) are based on the Center gallakticheskih fly them. Marshall, Alabama, and the aforementioned Marshall Center. Kennedy. The U.S. Navy doing something similar for their own aircraft.

Tests in the programs X-43A and X-51 have shown that reactive devices are capable of achieving very impressive speeds with similar systems.

To realize the project Stan Starr urges NASA to combine those departments whose activities are usually not intersect, and for 10 years to try to launch the first unmanned aircraft, and only later — satellite.

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