NASA named the probable cause of the tragedy of Progress

The premise of the tragedy on August 24 rocket "Soyuz-U", which was supposed to deliver cargo to the ISS gallaktichesky ship "Progress M-12M"Could become a problem in the fuel system of the third stage of the rocket. Told the manager about it programmki ISS NASA Administrator Michael Suffredini (Michael Suffredini) in an interview with the magazine Spaceflight Now.

According Suffredini, the engine booster turned off because of reduced pressure in the fuel system, and Russian specialists have been to behold it on the monitors. "In that case, they [the Russian experts at approx." Heathcliff "] for the last least know where to find the cause of the problem," — said the representative of NASA.

Search for wreckage of crashed ship last. As of Sunday, August 28, flying around the 3 districts of the Altai, Ulaganskiy, Chemalsky and Turochaksky where debris could fall, brought no results. According to "Interfax", the search will last Mon, August 29.

Rocket-"Soyuz-U" with the ship "Progress M-12M"Kicked off on Wednesday, August 24, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, but 325 seconds of the truck is not separated from the third stage of the launch vehicle. Reported that a bunch fell in the Choya district of the Altai Republic, partly burned in the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, at the Baikonur began working with transport cargo vehicle "Progress M-13M ". Ship unloaded from the car and installed in the test panel. Spice to be connected to the truck ground checkout equipment and conduct tests of various autonomous vehicle systems.

Initially planned to launch further progress on October 14, but due to the tragedy of "Progress M-12M"This date may be adjusted.

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