Natural Russian authorities do not need to be reformed, environmentalists say

Ministries and agencies involved in the Russian environment and natural resources, to get rid of the reform, which continues in the industry the last 20 years, the director of the program of Greenpeace Russia, Ivan Block.

As reported on Monday, some of the media in Russia may appear ministry of renewable natural resources, which is expected to take control the fishing industry, as well as forestry and hunting. The basis of the new structure could be Rosrybolovstvo, which in this version will be transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

"For the 21-year history of the Russian Federation, we have, at least 18 times reorganized departments of natural-resource block. I do not think any regular reorganization will dramatically change things, if we finally fix the structure of at least 5-6 years ", — said Block RIA Novosti.

However, he believes the wrong combination of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental control and monitoring functions, which, in his opinion, should be divided.

"Isolation of a separate agency that would be responsible not for profit, but for the control and licensing activities related to the environment, it would, of course, is very reasonable. But it should really be separate from the Ministry of Natural Resources," — said the ecologist.

According to the Director of Conservation Policy of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Yevgeny Shvarts, the creation of a new ministry, if it happens, will change little.

"The next reform — one of the biggest problems. Though we are always fighting for the division in the MEP control and monitoring functions, but now tired of reforms. Way to a better does not always improve the situation," — said Schwartz.

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