Nava! Clash of Russian and American patrol ships in the Black Sea February 12, 1988

February 12, 1988 — the date on first glance, nothing noticeable. Not enough people know, but at a certain course of events, this day could be the start date of the Third World. Glory to God in the history of this day, there was only the date of the incident with the South American cruiser "Yorktown" and the destroyer "Caron", had the misfortune to enter into Russian territorial waters, report "News".

Despite the warming of relations known 2-superpowers, they continued to be on the brink. On the verge of unleashing active hostilities. The confrontation of the USSR and the United States did not stop for a single moment, even despite the known warming of relations senior management 2-states. According to the testimony of the former head of the international department of the Central Committee of the CPSU Valentin Falin, first in 1988 Americans are increasingly began to organize provocations on the Black Sea, disrupting air space. At that moment, the Americans perceived the latest naval doctrine that non-nuclear means to anticipate the blow on naval installations of the USSR.

Nava!  Clash of the Soviet and American patrol ships in the Black Sea February 12, 1988

In early February 1988 the ships of the 6th Fleet in the United States entered the Bosphorus and took course towards the Russian coast. They met two Russian guard-"whole-hearted" and SKR-6. Around 11 am, February 12, the commander of the ship was reported that the South American warships "Yorktown" and "Caron" shall be forwarded to the Union of Russian territorial waters, and they needed to overcome all just 2 miles.

Nava!  Clash of the Soviet and American patrol ships in the Black Sea February 12, 1988
SKR-6 bore down on the stern USS Caron (photo from the board of selfless)

The commander starts a dialogue with potential troublemakers, "Your course leads in Russian waters, which is unacceptable. " And the answer is: "We do not break any rules. We continue to follow the same course at the same speed. "

Chief of Staff of the first deputy commander of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Valentin Selivanov gave the order to prepare for drifters in bulk. Nawal — this is the approach the speed under de minimis angle to the board-opponent and his rejection having to change course.

Nava!  Clash of the Soviet and American patrol ships in the Black Sea February 12, 1988
Selfless and Caron (photo from SKR-6)

As opponents of the "whole-hearted" was defined by the "Yorktown" and SKR-6 — "Caron". The cruiser "Yorktown" had twice the displacement than Russian patrol "Whole-hearted" and "Caron" and just had a 4-fold an advantage in displacement of the SKR-6.

Americans are not aware of the imminent daring attacks by Russian patrol ship, stood on the deck and laughed, showing Russian mariners obscene gestures. But after a moment of almost swept away from the deck. This is a "whole-hearted" went through the left side, "Yorktown." Broken missile launcher "Harpoon". Demolished all lifelines, broken into pieces pinnace, sometimes torn lateral sheathing board and bow superstructure. South American sailors here have played an emergency alarm and began to pour out of his damaged hoses launcher. As Vladimir knows Bogdashin, guard-commander "selflessly" jumped onto the deck of escape group, consisting in the main of black sailors, and fire hoses in the hands darted down. But when men have seen more broken and hanging head missiles, then took up the head and ran off in different directions. And just 15 minutes later they came on deck again, looking around and trying to understand what happened after all still there. They just did not expect it.

Nava!  Clash of the Soviet and American patrol ships in the Black Sea February 12, 1988
The scheme of maneuver (+ Box, prepared by Vladimir Zaborsky, captain)

The destroyer "Caron" is also paid for his rudeness, being, but, more persistent and not changing the previous policy. Russian patrol to pause brash intruder had to apply not just a pile, and almost as a battering ram. Ramming shot hit the location of the helipad ship. On the "Yorktown" caught fire on-board paint, flared playground nearby anti-submarine missiles. Seeing this, the destroyer "Caron" turned around and tried to hold down the "whole-hearted" in a kind of ticks. But the menacing plants RBU-6000 with depth charges, ready for immediate use sobered by the Yankees.

"Yorktown" began to prepare helicopter flight, but at this point of the South American ship appeared a couple of Russian Mi-24 with a full combat suspension. South American mariners nothing to do but to immediately roll their cars in hangars. Of Russian territorial waters they came out the same hour, moving under the watchful Russian convoy. Less than 24 hours ships losers 6th Fleet of the U.S. Navy took course on the way out for their aggressive Dark Sea.

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